Fossil Sharks

Abbreviations: Hbk = Hardback, or hardcover.
Pbk = Paperback.

Discovering Fossil Fishes by John Maisey. Retail: $40.00. Amazon price: $28.00. Hbk.
A beautiful book with excellent, up to date information on the evolution of fishes, and the species that have existed over time. This, of course, includes quite a bit of nice info on fossil sharks. There are tons of magnificent paintings, drawings, photos etc. An excellent book.

Pictorial Guide to Fossils by Gerard Case. Retail: $45.50. Amazon price: $36.40. Pbk.
As the title implies, this is a guide to fossils of all types, using illustrations to better help in identification. Probably the best available identification guide to fossil shark teeth. If that's what your into, this book is the best thing out there.