Airborne Search

The world's only government-sanctioned search party for "Big Foot" is gearing up for a new survey that will link high-tech aerial equipment with observers on the ground. Earlier searches this summer led by Wang Fangchen, with a 30-member team from China's Committee for Research into Strange and Rare Animals, failed. While residents in Hibei province have reported 114 sightings and collected hair and footprints from the suspected "Abominable Snowman" during the past 40 years, no such evidence was found by the team.

They will now deploy balloons equipped with infrared-sensing instruments 2,000 feet above the forest.

"Any activities conducted by large-bodied mammals would be recorded by the apparatus." Wang told reporters.

Source: "Earth Week" column, SF Chronicle, Saturday, August 19,1995. Credit: Kyle Mizokami.

Comments: Obviouly, since this is such an old report, the search wasn't sucessful in finding solid evidence fo the Chinese wildman. But in any case, using an infra red camera on a balloon seems inefficient; how would be know whether the heat source was a real wildman or a bear, or deer, or even human? Then, even if there were coordinated ground teams, it would be unlikely that anyone could get to the scene fast enough to see what the heat source really was.