Publication data:

Klimley, A. Peter & David G. Ainley (eds). 1996. Great White Sharks: The Biology of Carcharodon carcharias. (San Diego: Academic Press). 517 pp.

ISBN: 0-12-415030-6



1. White shark research in past: a perspective
A. P. Klimley & D.G. Ainley

2. A plea for white shark conservation
R.C. Murphy


3. Using tooth structure to determine the evolutionary history of the white shark
G.S. Hubbell

4. The fossil history of Carcharodon and its possible ancestor, Cretolamna:a study in tooth identification
S.P. Applegate & L. Espinosa-Arrubarrena

5. Evolutionary relationships of the white shark: a phylogeny of lamnoid sharks based on dental morphology
D.J. Long & B.M. Waggoner

6. Systematics of the Lamnidae and the origination time of Carcharodon carcharias inferred from the comparative analysis of mitochondrial DNA sequences
A.P. Martin

7. Size and skeletal anatomy of the giant "megatooth" shark Carcharodon megalodon
M.D. Gottfried, L.J.V. Compagno & S.C. Bowman

8. Paleoecology of fossil white sharks
R.W. Purdy


9. Using allometry to predict body mass from linear measurements of the white shark
H.F. Mollet & G.M. Cailliet

10. A review of length validation methods for large white sharks
H.F. Mollet, G.M. Cailliet, A.P. Klimley, D.A. Ebert, A.T. Testi & L.J.V.Compagno


11. Temperature, swimming depth, and movements of a white shark at the South Farallon Islands, California
K.J. Goldman, S.D. Anderson, J.E. McCosker, & A.P. Klimley

12. The brain and cranial nerves of the white shark: an evolutionary perspective
L.S. Demski & R.G. Northcutt

13. Reproduction in the male white shark
H.L. Pratt, Jr.

14. Pregnant white sharks with near-term fetuses from Japan
S. Uchida, M. Toda, K. Teshima & K. Yano

15. Observations of a pregnant white shark from New Zealand with a review of reproductive biology
M.P. Francis


16. The behavior of white sharks and their pinniped prey during predatory attacks
A.P. Klimley, P. Pyle & S.D. Anderson

17. Diving behavior of elephant seals; implications for predatory avoidance
B.J. Le Boeuf & D.E. Crocker

18. Repetitive aerial jaw gaping, a thwart-induced behavior in white sharks
W.R. Strong, Jr.

19. White shark attacks on inanimate objects from the Pacific coast of North America
R.S. Collier, M. Marks & R.L. Warner

20. Observations of white shark reactions to un-baited decoys
S.D. Anderson, R.P. Henderson, P. Pyle & D.G. Ainley

21. Shape discrimination and visual predatory tactics in white sharks
W.R. Strong, Jr.

22. Is the Tail Slap an agonistic display among white sharks?
A.P. Klimley, P. Pyle & S.D. Anderson

23. Behavior of the white shark: an emerging picture
G.H. Barlow


24. White shark predation on four pinniped species in Central California waters: geographic and temporal patterns inferred from wounded carcasses
D.J. Long, K. D. Hanni, P. Pyle, J. Roletto, R.E. Jones & R. Bandar

25. Tidal height and white shark predation at the South Farallon Islands, California
S.D. Anderson, A.P. Klimley, P.Pyle & R.P. Henderson

26. Environmental factors affecting the occurrence and behavior of white sharks at the South Farallon Islands, California
P. Pyle, S.D. Anderson, A.P. Klimley & R.P. Henderson

27. White shark predation and scavenging on cetaceans in the eastern North Pacific Ocean
D.J. Long & R.E. Jones

28. White shark inflicted wounds on sea otters in California, 1968-1992
J.A. Ames, J.J. Geibel, F.E. Wendell & C.A. Pattison

29. Records of white sharks feeding on leatherback sea turtles along Central California
D.J. Long

30. The distribution and autecology of the white shark in the eastern North Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea
I.K. Fergusson

31. Occurrence of the white shark along the Brazilian coast
O.B.F. Gadig & R.S. Rosa

32. Environmental influences on catches of white sharks in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
G. Cliff, S.F.J. Dudley & M.R Jury


33. Residency patterns of white sharks at the South Farallon Islands, California
A.P. Klimley, S.D. Anderson & P. Pyle

34. Trends in white shark predation at the South Farallon Islands, 1968-1993
P. Pyle, S.D. Anderson & D.G. Ainley

35. The population biology of the white shark in southern Africa
C. Ferreira & T. Ferreira

36. Tagging of great white sharks provides first estimates of mortality and population size on the South African coast
G. Cliff, R.P. van der Elst, A. Govender, T.K. Witthuhn & E.M. Bullen

37. Population dynamics of the white shark in the Spencer Gulf region, South Australia
W.R. Strong, Jr., B.D. Bruce, D.R. Nelson & R.C. Murphy

38. An evaluation of methodologies used in current studies of the population biology of the white shark
G.M. Cailliet


39. White shark attacks in the eastern Pacific Ocean: an update and analysis
J.E. McCosker & R.N. Lea

40. Unprovoked attacks by white sharks off the South African coast
M. Levine

41. White shark attacks in Australian waters
J. West

42. Worldwide patterns of white shark attacks on humans
G.H. Burgess & M. Callahan

43. Chemical repellent tests on white sharks with comments on repellent delivery methods
D.R. Nelson & W.R. Strong, Jr.

44. Comments on means for avoidance or deterrence of white shark attack on man
D.H. Baldridge

45. Educating the public about the white shark: a round-table discussion
J. Waldvogel

46. Methods of keeping white sharks in captivity: a round-table discussion
D.C. Powell

47. More rare than dangerous: a case study of white shark conservation in California
B. Heneman & M. Glazer


48. A perspective on the biology of the white shark
A.P.Klimley & D.G. Ainley

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