Two Virginia Bigfoot Reports



ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) - George Washington once slept here, but he might find it harder nowadays. A strange something is at large, wailing or screaming nightly a mile from the ancestral home of the Father of His Country.

For nine noisy months, the mystery creature has haunted a patch of woods surrounded by $150,000 homes near Mount Vernon, KY2CLqwrecking the peace and defying spotting and identification.

Local teen-agers have caught its act on tape. It goes something like: "ooahkra-ah," or "eeveakgoo-ah." or even "aaaoohauoa-ah-oo."

The Mount Vernon Monster, some call it. Others, Bigfoot. More guess: hoot owls, loud frogs, a radio with a stuck button, wild boars, a prankster with a bull horn, or the ghost of George washington's pigs.

"One person suggested a peacock". said George Stickman, Fairfax County game warden, who has ruled out bears, bobcats and other fauna found in the vicinity.

The peacock theory may not be too exotic. Experts at the nearby Mason Neck Wildlife Refuge said peafowl are often kept as yard pets in the south One could have flown the coop and fluttered to Mount Vernon.

"They have a loud, penetrating cry, almost like a scream," said John Aldrich, a retired Fish and Wildlife researcher.

Mike Morgan of the National zoo said the birds used to escape frequently when allowed to roam the grounds.

Whatever it may be, the creature is elusive as well as vocal. It has foiled police watches, flyovers by a U.S. Park police helicopter, volunteer youth patrols and the determined efforts of warden Stickman.

"The thing seems to know when you leave the woods. Then it starts to holler," said Stickman, who staged a fruitless overnight vigil to catch the interloper.

Meanwhile, residents continue to discuss the problem at get- togethers, playing tapes and advancing theories.

"Maybe it's a wounded animal or bird with damaged vocal cords," said Maggie Oyer, who thinks the sound it makes is a "low wailing."

One resident, Thelma Crisp, says she spotted the monster. She described it as a creature about six feet tall which lumbered into the woods after being sighted.

Could it be a Bigfoot, trying to reach headquarters of the Fish and Wildlife Service in Washington, 15 miles away?

"If its Bigfoot, and there's proof." said a spokesman, "we'd protect it."

Source: Ashland, Kentucky Daily Independent; Sunday, May 20, 1979


Chesapeake, Va. (AP) - Those 7-foot, hairy, foul-smelling creatures are the same the world over, whether they're called Bigfoot, Yeti, a skunk ape or an abominable snowman, says Park Ranger Patrick Higgins.

The stories from campers and visitors at the Northwest River Park near Chesapeake seem to fit the general image.

"The descriptions of these things, they all match from all over the world," said Higgins, who says he's had experience trying to spot Bigfoots in Florida.

"They're 7 to 8 feet tall, fully haired with brownish hair, with a real foul odor, and leave large footprints. And they're harmless, very meek and timid," he said.

Sherry Davis told the Chesapeake Post recently she thought she was crazy when she spotted a Bigfoot running through the park's campground on June 9. It was hairy and about 7 feet tall, she said. It took her a while to decide to come forward with the information.

Higgins found no evidence of a bear. he has described the creature's smell as like that of "an uncovered septic tank," but when he checked out the one tank in the area, he saw no leaks and detected no odor.

"Now, I'm not saying it is, but I'm not ruling it out that it isn't," Higgins said. "We need more information."

Source: Salt Lake City (Utah) Tribune; July 12, 1981

Credit: John Moore; posted by Ron Schaffner