But Would You Believe Batman? A huge bird hovering over the east bench area sent residents scurrying for bin- oculars, dark glasses and hats Monday.

Most residents agreed that it could be an eagle, but it may have been Batman.

C.L. Fairbanks, 817 Logan, saw the bird and it was "about as big as a Piper Club airplane." It didn't have a motor and had retractable landing gear.

It disappeared eastward after a few moments of cir- cling the area.

(_Deseret News_ July 18, 1966. Loren Coleman mentions this in _Curious Encounters_.)

Credit: John Moore

Comment: Batman? I tell you newspapers get a little carried away sometimes! I guess they're referring to pterosaurs, which have been used as an explanation for such reports, as well as other pterodactyl-like stories from southern Africa, such as Kongamato. Of course, pterosaurs have been extinct for about 65 million years, and, needless to say, the idea of living pterosaurs is pretty unlikely. If anything, such reports probably refer to large bats and/or birds. The above account is probably of a large condor which was misidentified.