The following was reported by Andy Cobley using the Fortean Times - On line reporting service

Seen in Evening Telegraph (Dundee) on January 199 1996

A Big Cat fitting the descriptions of others spotted in various parts of Scotland in recent years was seen on the Esplanade in Broughty Ferry last night a few hundres yards from the nearest houses.

A Monifieth motorist said he caught the animal in his headlights as it crossed the road towards the raileway line.

"I chased it in the car and it disappeared into the undergrowth". he said. "I saw its tail as it went out of sight . I could hear it going through the undergrowth.

"It was the size of a big dog , but more of a cat'sa body. It had a huge grey tail that trailed along the ground.

"The tail was bushy and the animal appeared furry with pointed ears. It dissappeared on the Monifieth side of Buddies nightclub."

Last year a Broughty Ferry couple wre walking their dog when it disturbed a puma-like beast with a black coat. It, too, sought refuge on the railway line.

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