The following is a press release that was in the Globe and Mail (Toronto), dated Wendsday Oct. 26,1994.

Russians report a Sea Monster

MURMANSK, Russia - The carcass of a dinosaur-like sea animal has washedashore after a storm in the Russian arctic, Itar-Tass news agency reported yesterday. Specialists at the Rybichy Meteorological Station near Cape Nemetsky, 1 500 kilometres north of Moscow, said they discovered the remains on Monday. Officials from the Murmansk Marine Biology Institute, although skeptical, are sending a team to examine the animal today. The creature, approximatley 12 metres long and 1.5 metres wide, was covered in either feathers or wool and "outwardly resembled a dinosaur," Tass said. -AP

This "sea monster" sounds suspiciously like a rotted remain of a basking shark. The wool or feathers could be explained by the fact that cartilage rots into just that sort of "hairy" form. Also, a rotted basking shark looks just like a dinosaur, a plesiosaur to be exact. If you remeber the picture of the "sea monster" a Japanese trwler brought up in 1977, you'll remeber the dinosaur-like look. And to cap it off, if this Russian "sea monster" was a true unknown species the whole world would know about by now.

Comment: The carcass actually turned out to be a badly rotted carcass of a sperm whale. (Source: British Columbia Cryptozoology Club newsletter, No. 19, p. 6.