The Web Reviews Ben S. Roesch's Cryptozoology Pages!

In the July 1996 edition of the British Internet magazine entitled The Web, there was a very nice review of my cryptozoology web site:

Despite being famous for various Nessies and Bigfeet, this much maligned field is responsible for discovering hundreds of new species over the years. Did you know, for instance, that until the turn of the century the mountain gorilla was believed to be a myth on a par with the Loch Ness Monster? Here you'll find global newspaper reports that suggest there are still marvels awaiting discovery. And this excellent, intelligent page that puts most professional efforts to shame is produced by a 16 year old enthusiast. CONTENT: 5 DESIGN: 5 LINKS: 5 OVERALL: 5"

Best of all, 5 is the top rating! Also, out of hundreds of test sites in that particular issue, they rated this cryptozoology web site as in the top 50! More shamless pride from myself!

Thanks to Stig Olsen for notifying to me of this review.