This is a short mention by a anonymous poster to the Forteana mailing list (at least I can't remember his name) of a man-like creature out of Indonesia called the Orang Kubu.

[D]oes anyone have anything on the Orang Kubu, a similar humanoid reported by US adventurer Walter M. Gibson in 1855. (There's an interesting account of his travels, which culminated in him being made special advisor to the king of Hawaii in 1882, in the DAB.) Gibson saw one of these in Palembang, Indonesia, kept as a slave and says natives told him "They were brutes, they had no worship, no marriage, no law, no clothing, no idea of its use; they were the accursed of Allah, companions of djins on earth; fit only to be beasts of burden." The one Gibson saw was man-sized, "covered with hair, that looked soft and flowing . . . the mouth was wide, lips protruding, and chin formed no part of the hairy face; yet it was pleasantly human in its expression." He concludes, "Was this then some lower grade of human being, some connecting link between man and beast, more human than orang utan, or chimpanze; and less so than Papuan or Hottentot? I could not say so from what I saw, nor from all the strange stories I heard. But that beings of well made human form, covered with hair, almost without speech, and living on raw food, dwell in the caves and tree tops of the forests of Sumatra, are facts that are well established."

[Reference: The Prison of Weltevreden (NY: 1855): pp. 181-82. Gibson also told these tales to the US Consul at Liverpool, a certain Nathaniel Hawthorne whose diplomatic credentials were somewhat limited, and they show up also in NH's English Notebooks and, in wilder form, in his sketches in Our Old Home, where he places the orang kubu in Ceylon for some reason.]

Any other mentions of the orang kubu?