This comes to us from the German newspaper The Westfalenpost of the date of June 7 1995. It was translated and found by Wolfgang Schmidt of Aldolfsburg Germany. Thanks to the BC Cryptozoology Club too, because it was where I found it (in one of their excellent newsletters).

"20 New Animal Species Discovered"

"Hobart, Twenty new species of animals, some of which resembled fable creatures out of Science Fiction movies werew discovered in Australia. These creatures were found in the sea, southwest of the island of Tasmania. Among others, marine biologists discovered an animal with the body of a snake and the head of a horse. The late discovery of these animals, which may have been living there for tens of thousands of years, has been explained by researchers by the turbidity of the waters muddied by sediments from the hills of the nearby Southwest National Park."

Commentary: I'd like to hear more about this... has anyone heard about any of this?