Monster Remains in a Pacific Sea Cave?

This interesting report is about remains of "sea monsters" found in an underwater Pacific cave, and the *film* that was taken of it. This is from Strange Magazine #7.


The Daily Mail, 5/29/90

The remains of four strange creatures were videotaped by scuba diver Kevin Deacon in an underwater cave off the Fijian island of Matagi. Deacon said, "They bear no resemblance to any marine creature I know." Experts have been baffled too. The animals, videotaped amist seaweed and coral, are gigantic - two of them being an overall 30-feet with skulls a yard long - and, according to Deacon, "They look more like a land animal or an amphibian."


I have been told that the skeletons turned out to be remains of pilot whales that became trapped in the cave and drowned. Supposedly, a segment on the Discovery Magazine TV show discussed this, but a researcher for the show told me that, according to the show's executive producer (who has worked on the program since it began), there was never such a segment. E-mail me if you have any further details.