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Date: Tuesday, October 30, 1990 Source: From Chicago Tribune wires. Section: NEWS Dateline: BAY CITY, MICH.

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The legendary Bigfoot is back, say deer hunters emerging from Foley Swamp in Oscoda County. Reported sightings of an 8-foot hairy creature trickled in to authorities and nearby business owners before the Oct. 1 season began. But the hikers and hunters offer little proof other than their eyewitness accounts. ``I`ve never had any experiences with it, but it`s obvious that something is going on up here,``said Jane Stone, who with her husband owns the Bear Paw Cabins and The Little Sport Shop in Luzerne near the swamp. ``I just don`t know what it is,`` she said. ``I have an open mind to it.`` On Sept. 28, two hikers told the Oscoda County Sheriff`s Department they spotted a tall, hairy creature in Foley Swamp in Huron National Forest. Art Kapa of Mayville, a Bigfoot investigator for 21 years, said he gets annual reports of sightings in Luzerne, Mio and Lewiston. ``The area is full of swamp, valleys and excellent hiding places,`` Kapa said by telephone from his home Monday. Kapa insists that there are several such creatures. ``There has to be more than one,`` Kapa said. ``But we`re not talking about a tremendous population where you see one whenever you turn a corner.``