"News of a monster in the 800 square km Menbu Lake on the Tibetan Plateau, seen both by farmers and Communist Party officials. Three witnesses reported seeing a strange animal with a body as big as a house, a very long neck, and a comparitively big head. One story tells of a farmer rowing a raft on the lake who was dragged down and presumably eaten. Another that a cow left tied up near the lake disappeared, leaving only traces of having been dragged into the water."
Fortean Times:36

"March 1974, villagers in mountains report a serpent-like monster rising from an icy lake on moonlit nights, devouring sheep and terrifying villages. North Peruvians claim to have seen a fat shiny silver monster come out of Los Angeles Lake, 12,000 feet above sea-level, following a strong earth tremor which caused landslides on a mountain near the lake."
Fortean Times 4

Comment: I believe this was cut off at the beginning, but it must be from the Peruvian Andes...

"Fisherman at Montevideo, Uraguay, pulled some kind of "sea-monster" out of the Rio De La Platta. It was fantailed, had a tortoise-like shell 6ft in diameter and huge fins, weighed about a ton, and was dying as it was brought ashore. Prof Victor Bertullo, of Uraguay's Institute of fish research, admitted the identification of the creature confounded him."
Fortean Times 26

"Rumours have been flying around Vientiane, capital of Laos, that a five-headed dragon has been seen repeatedly in the Mekong river. This mottled green, brown and yellow reptile breathes no fire, measures 15 feet from head to tail, sees through five pairs of shiny black eyes and finds children most appetising."
Fortean Times:72 (circa 1991)

"The Bunyip of Lismore, NSW, was seen frequently as late as 1971. Described as furry with a dog-like head and pigs' ears, it was also blamed for the disappearence of two stockmen who vanished by Lismore Lagoon one morning in 1900."
Fortean Times:don't know the number.

"Gigantic monitor lizards ap to 30 feet long live in New South Wales and northern Queensland, according to Rex Gilroy of Mount York Natural History Museum, NSW. Gilroy's casebook includes one sighting by a farmer who suprised a monitor in the act of killing and eating one of his cows."
Fortean Times:don't know the number again!

Comments: A cryptoz correspondent of mine noted that Rex Gilroy was a rather "shady" character, and that his reports were to be doubted. As well, an Australian correspondent of mine noted that he was quite "the character". However, a giant monitor did live in Australia during the Pleistocene, the _Megalania_, but the idea that it is still alive is unlikely.

"'Australia's Bigfoot', the Yahoo or Yowie, has been spotted across the continent since the first sighting report was filed from Sydney Cove back in 1795. Most witnesses describe a man-sized ape, covered in long red-brown hair. The Yowie's favorite habitats appear to be Queensland's Gold Coast and the Blue Mountains of NSW."
Fortean Times: no issue given

"A widely reported Tass release gave details of a wildman that roamed the Yakutia region of Verkhoyansk, about 400 miles north of Yakutsk city. The last known sightings was in the 1950's. Witnesses say the being reaches 6ft 6" high, thin, with long arms to below the knees, and it runs in quick leaps. It has shaggy hair, and has a tendancy to shrill shrieks.

The following are from Strange magazine: "[I]nside the Arctic circle five members of a Russian geological team based in Nordaustlandet, on eof the Spitzbergen (Svalbard) group of islands, apparently encountered [a man-beast] wihtout even looking for it. Several newspapers carried reports in late July/early August of a 7 ft.-tall manlike beast with reddish-brown hair and shambling gait that was unexzpectedly spotted by the scientists at the edge of a foorest where they were studying metamorphic rocks."

"A pterodactyl was the last thing on the mind of paramedic James Thompson on 14 September 1983, and yet it was the first thing that occurred to him when he saw the flying creature that buzzed his car while he was driving near Los Fresnos in Texas. James, of Harlingen, said it had a 5-6ft wingspan and "a rough grey hide" instead of feathers. There have been comparable sightings of 'Big Bird' along the Rio Grand Valley since 1975."

"_No Tasmanian Tiger Roadkill_ - Nick Mooney, of the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service, felt that the Thylacine, also known as the tasmanian Tiger, was likely to be extinct for several reasons. One is that no 'Tigers' have been killed on the roads; another is that, had the species survived, it would have had too little a genetic pool and would have perished. In typical cases, seven generations of interbreeding are enough to harm fertility; any surviving Thylacines would have gone through around 20 to 25 generations of such. Unless the carnivorous marsupial, unlike most other predators, had resistence to the process, it could not ahve survived.
Mooney's observations were in reaction to a sighting that Charlie Beasly claimed to have made circa May 1995. Beasly, a part-time ranger for the wildlife service, said that what he saw 'for two minutes' was covered with stripes from halfway down, 'had a curved tail, and measured one-half the size of a German Shepherd.'"

"New Zealand botanists, in early 1995, finally located the flower they had been searching for over many years --- under depressing conditions. The plant had been thought to be extinct. It may be yet. When they dismantled thier expedition's tent, they found the elusive orchid flattened under the groundsheet."

"Jordi Magraner considers that there may be two types of human being existing on earth, Homo sapiens and a 'neanderthal-type' cousin. Magraner, a zoologist in training, had been looking for the Barmanu for two years as of May 8, 1994, according to an AFB report out of Islamabad. At that time, he and his two other team members - all Europeans - remained in the Shishi Kuh valley, hopeful that the Barmanu would show up and prove their contention.
Magraner spoke twice of hearing the Barmanu's guttural cry - resembling both a human and a jackal. His associates have also heard its noise and seen its footprints in mountainous Chitral, Pakistan. Magraner deems the beast not merely the topic of folktales. It, like Bigfoot, is supposed to smell horrible and be very hairy. In fact, Barmanu means, in Chitrali language, 'big hairy one.'"