Two recent discoveries reported in Matt Bille's excellent Exotic Zoology, Vol. 2 #5(Sept.Oct. 1995):

* "A wasp from California has been identified as a type thought extinct for 25 million years (San Francisco Chronicle, Sept.4 1995)."

* "An article in Discover reports the vindication of a once-discounted dolphin species, Delphinus capensis. The 'long-beaked dolphin' was described in the last century from the Cape of Good Hope but written off in the 1960's by mammologists who thought it cospecific with the common dolphin, Delphinus delphis. Two scientists who recently carried out studies on skeletal remains of dolphins found that, not only did specimens attributed to D. capensis have longer beaks, but they had different body proportions and averaged a larger number of teeth and vertebrae than did examples of D. delphinus. DNA analysis confirmed the distinction. Source: Svitil, Kathy. 1995. 'Whale Warehouse,' Discover, August, p.42."