From the New York Times; Wednesday, July 22, 1931


Two Fisherman Crate Up "Monster" in Sandusky, Which they Say is Twenty Feet Long.

SANDUSKY, Ohio, July 21 (AP) - Inside a tightly boarded box beside the lakeshore tonight was locked what several persons said was a large marine animal having specifications that might qualify it as a serpent, claimed to have been captured by two Cincinnati fisherman in Sandusky Bay.

The fisherman, Clifford Wilson and Francis Cogenstose of Cincinnati, said that the "serpent", measuring about twenty feet long and about twelve inches through at the thickest place, arose late today out of the Lake Erie waters beside their boat.

Although frightened by the beast, they said, they hit it over the head twice with an oar and knocked it senseless, then fastened a line to its head and towed it to shore.

Their catch began to show signs of returning consciousness when they got it on the each, Wilson and Cogenstose said, so they obtained a packing box 6 feet long, 3 feet wide and about 2 feet deep and coiled Mr. Sea-Serpent into it and nailed it tightly shut.

Neither the "owners" nor any of the scores of curious who gathered about the box would take a chance on opening it to show the serpent to the scoffers, who were numerous.

Police Captain Leo Schively, E.L. Ways, managing editor of a local afternoon paper, and C.J. Irwin and Mel Harmon of a Sandusky morning paper said that they saw the serpent as it was being boxed up and joined the fisherman in describing it as a hugh, snakelike beast, colored black, dark green and white and having a hide resembling that of an alligator.

The "owners" were undecided tonight what they were going to do with it.

The reported capture came after a number of persons had reported sighting a "sea-serpent" hereabouts.

Credit: John Moore, Sent via Ron Schaffner.