Cryptozoology On the Internet

Here is a list of a number of cryptozoology web pages.

The Virtual Insitute of Cryptozoology This is the best cryptoz site on the Net! It's run by French cryptozoologist Michel Raynal and so much of it is still available only in French. However, a lot has been translated into English and an English version is available. This page is huge, and has nice pics, great articles and features, recent news and more. Excellent page!

Loch Ness Investigation 2000 Excellent page put together by Dick Raynor, a Loch Ness veteran. Outlines his research, including deep-water and surface photography. Also, there is an informative database of known animals and physical effects that probably play a large role in reports of the Loch Ness monster. Good open-mindedly skeptical approach. Many excellent photos as well.

Loren Coleman's Cryptozoology Page A good page put togethor by a renowned researcher.

The Quest for Thylacoleo. Web site devoted to an on-going search for the Queensland tiger, which some have postulated is a surviving Thylacoleo (the recently-extinct marsupial lion).

E.W. Burnett's Bigfoot Site Nice site with photos, video clips (Redwoods and "snow-walker" footage and some other stuff), articles, and more.

"Sasquatch Dimensions and Traits" by Dr. W. Henner Fahrenbach. Condensed version of an interesting paper in Cryptozoology.

Australian Rare Fauna Research Association Dedicated to thylacine and Australian big cat research, and to conservation of rare and endangered animals in Australia.

Curiosities of Biological Nomenclature Ever heard of the wasp Olemistus chewbacca? This is a great site listing many hilarious or otherwise interesting scientific names of organisms. Who says scientists don't have a sense of humour?

The Talk.Origins Archive Extremely informative and comprehensive site dedicated to the debate between evolutionists and creationists. This is important to cryptozoology because many creationists take cryptozoological claims as evidence for their own ends (a flawed approach, in my opinion), and many people investigating cryptozoological claims are creationists. Knowing exactly what the creationists are arguing and why scientists (like myself) disagree with them is, I feel, important.

Cryptos Web site for this French cryptozoology magazine.

Big Cats in Scotland Very informative page, with illustrations, on big cat sightings in Scotland.

Chad 2000 Web Site Read about cryptozologist Richard Muirhead's 2000 expedition to Chad, to search for a mystery felid reputed to be a living sabretooth tiger.

The Bigfoot Chronicles With a discussion of the BBC documentary on the Patterson film.

Big Cats in the United Kingdom Good summary page of the UK big cat enigma.

The Legend of Nessie A very well assembled and comprehensive website on one of the more famous cryptids.

The Centre for Fortean Zoology Home page for this Exeter-based cryptozoology outfit. They publish Animals and Men, an excellent and entertaining quarterly magazine examining all aspects of fortean zoology (which includes not only traditional cryptozoology, discussed at my site, but also fortean phenomena related to animals, like frog falls). Right now the site is not much, cause it just got started, but hopefully therte will be lots soon.

Dale Cozort's Cryptozoology Page Nice page with basic info (it was just created), links etc. Has a good scientific (and open-mindedly skeptical) stance on the subject. Also has an interesting "Alternate History" page examining sasquatch.

The Washington State Sasquatch Search Group.

The Bestiary Nice page with info on mythical creatures as well as cryptids.

Champ - The Lake Champlain Monster Nice page on this famous lake monster.

Cryptozoology.Com Page on general cryptozoology, including some research by its webmaster on a Mexican lake monster.

Zoological Miscellania This page is run by Chad Arment, a Ohioan herpetologist with an interest in cryptozoology and biological mysteries. This page has lots of interesting info on all sorts of interesting topics, including of course, cryptozoology.

Andrew Gable's Cryptoweb Lots of info on lesser-known cryptids. Great page.

The Loch Ness Monster
The Official HomePage of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club This is an amazing home page, with great detailed info on all manner of cryptids, info on joining the club, info on the club's goals etc., and links to other cryptozoology web sites. It takes a while to load, but the pictures and the text content are worth the wait.

The Unnatural Museum - Cryptozoology A very in-depth page with lots of info on all matters cryptozoological. A great introduction to the field, and very well-researched.

Geographical Database of Sasquatch Sightings This is goign to set a new standard for sasquatch research on the web, and everywhere! This is easily the best sasquatch web site out there!

Bigfoot: Myth or Reality? This is one of the best and most beautiful pages on bigfoot on the world wide web! You should defintly check it out - there's lots of info, very nice designs and illustrations, and cool links.

Cryptozoological Realms Interesting site, with many different features, and definitely worth a visit.

Ohio Cryptozoology from the Files of Ron Schaffner Really interesting stuff from a top-notch researcher.

The Loch Ness Monster

Strange Magazine On-Line Lots of globster and lake monster stuff, especially.

The Bigfoot Mailing List (To join, send E-Mail to, with SUBSCRIBE BIGFOOT in the text of the message) Lots of great discussions and reports.

Fortean Times On-Line An excellent forteana home page with lots of cryptoz info.

The Beast of Buderim Home Page Excellent info on that mystery beast down under.

Pib Burns' Cryptoz Page Lots of links and other info.

A Gigantopithecus Article An excellent overview of gigantopithecus, the prehistoric ape that many believe his the creature behind Yeti and Sasquatch.

A Home Page of Sasquatch-related poems! Kinda neat, and also has some cool pictures, and a neat chart of Native American views of what sasquatch looks like.

New Species in Vietnam A cool page with some nice pics of several nem mammals and birds from Vietnam's "Lost World".

The Wildman in Vietnam Great page with lots of info on the Vietnamese wildman, which is a alleged bigfoot-like creature. Cool pics, and it's run by the same owner as the above link to Vietnam new species.