This was sent to the alt.misc.forteana USENET newsgroup: (Gareth Evans) wrote: >Could anybody give me any details on the diver
>who was attacked by the so called giant congar eel
>in a scottish loch recently.
>I woke up halfway
>through the report on tv and nobody i have spoken
>to seems to no much about it other than that he was
>missing for about 11 hours and that he needed
>decompresion when he was found.
>Did this really happen?
Yes, I think that I read about it in "The Scotsman"

(From memory) He was a very experienced instructor on a dive with two others. Visibility was poor and he supprised the eel. The eel may have given him a bit of sqeeze but my memory or the article is/was unclear on this point. The eel made its escape to the depths of the loch taking the diver with it because they were both entangled by a line of some sort. On the way down the diver cut himself free with a knife. He didn't remember swimming to the shore or walking to get help.

-- Jon March