Here are two reports of Caddy not mentioned in Bousfield's and LeBlond's excellent book on the subject, "Cadborosaurus: Survivor from the Deep".

"Baby Sea Serpent Reported"

Victoria, B.C., April 19 (AP) - Old Caddy and Amy Hiaschuckaluck Cadborosaurus, Pacific sea serpents, have been visited by the stork, Jordan River people believe. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lindner and Mr. and Mrs. A. Cox reported they saw the infant, which was about 25 feet long. They have named the youngster Jorda.

New York Times, April 20 1934.
Credit: John Moore

"Reports Monster off Victoria, B.C."

Victoria, B.C., March 3 (CP) - H.R. Fletcher, well known in local boating and life-saving circles, is the latest to report sea monsters in adjacent waters.

"I was trolling with a launch and was near the middle of Rose Bay when the thing appeared astern of the boat, about 40 feet away, looking directly at me," said Mr. Fletcher. "It kept about the same distance, being in sight for fully four minutes before it submerged.

"The head and neck were extended for at least four feet all the time. The head was shaped much like that of a shark, with the mouth slightly beneath, which remained closed, while the eyes were set back about eight inches. The neck was about 18 inches in diameter, and the skin was a grayish-brown in color and altogethor smooth.

"My theory is that there are several strange marine monsters, all different, in near-by waters and that some submarine disturbances is responsible for their prescence."

New York Times, March 4 1934.
Credit: John Moore

Comment: Despite the B-movie sounding scentance at the end of the latter report, it seems rather real, but never mentions that it moved at all, besides emerging and submerging, so we can't have total trust in the report. If it is a real report however, it woudl be quite interesting, as the description givne by Mr. Flecther does not sound like the normally camel-like or horse-faced(headed) reports that Caddy is usually supposed to have.