This article is from _The Deseret News_ January 13, 1995 (Credit John Moore)

Malaysian trekkers report fresh footprints of 'Bigfoot'

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KUALA LUMPUR-As he hunt for a massive hairy creature called "Bigfoot" entered its sixth day Thursday, Malaysian trekkers stumbled upon fresh footprints indicating they were close to its hide-out, investigators said.

Army and police units, wildlife experts and jungle tribes joined the search dubbed "Operasi Kaki Besar" in Malay, or "Operation Bigfoot."

They combed several thousand square miles of dense jungle surrounding Tanjung Piai in Johore, the southernmost state of the Malaysian peninsula, where reports of sightings were first received.

Tension mounted when superstitiuos villagers and jungel tribes feared that the fresh "footprints" could belong to another "Bigfoot," despite government efforts to assure them that there was only one "Bigfoot," not two.

Tribesmen burned twigs and dried leaves, banged tin cans and gongs, performed ritual dances and kept a 24-hour vigil with spears in an attempt to drive away the creature, which they said had been sent to Malaysia by evil forests.

The eight-foot-tall creature's fresh footprints, found in dense undergrowth, measure about 1 1/2 feet long and display only four toes, investigators said.

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