Bigfoot in Malaysia

"What Is It?"

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (AP) - Footprints measuring 18 inches and having a stride of 12 feet [sic] were discovered at a rubber estate near Segamat, a small town about 80 miles from here, the Straits Times reported. Villagers told newsmen they believe the prints were made by a giant ape.

Southwest American, Saturday, 6 August 1966

"Hint 25-Ft Ape in Asian Jungle"

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Aug. 15 (Reuters) - Rumors about a 25-foot tall ape deep in the Malayan jungle are being published in newspapers here. The Malay Mail said there was talk in a village near Segamat of a shy, harmless, giant with 18-inch footprints living in the jungle, possibly under pressure from advancing civilization and loss of feeding grounds.


Comments from Loren Coleman: I have other Malaysian reports from 1954 (AP, 3 Jan 1954), 1969 (UPI, 7 Aug 1969), and 1971 (AP, 1 Aug 1971) of "giant ape" sightings and expeditions. Harold Stephens article ("'Abominable Snowman' of Malaysia," Argosy, August, 1971) on Orang Dalam encompasses the sense of these animals from 1871, 1953 and 1959, until his find of the large footprints on the lower Endau River. [Ivan] Sanderson and [Mark] Hall, of course, both mention them too.
Hairy jungle giants in Malaysia have a long tradition of encounters with local peoples, as per recent notice of that fact here, as first stimulated by Jeff Meldrum.