Here are two interesting cryptoz related reports from the 10 Strangest List from Strange Magzine, #16.

"For the past century, residents of the area around Tianchi Lake in China have reported seeing a monster in the water. In early September of 1994, a group of witnesses watched thwe creature for ten minutes and obtained photographs and videotape of the strange creature. The monster is described as having a bull-sized head on a dragon-like body, and is said to be covered in flowing golden hair."

Comment: As usual, I say: "Where's the photo and video!?"

A report from Carmel, California:

"Divers off the coast of California have been hearing a steady thumping sounds like a heartbeat. Marine acoustical experts from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary were stumped. The noise, which would come and go, was a steady pulse when present. Among the thoeries considered and eliminated was that the sound came from a sea monster traditionally seen in the area. Diver Justin Dubawitz, who turned an audiotape he made of it over to the Navy, said 'It's very eerie.'"

Comment: I think this unidentified noise has recently been shown to be of geological origin--deep-sea tremors and volcano action.