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Daniel Abraham Yanofsky


D. Abraham Yanofsky

Photo: 1951 Canadian Championship, Vancouver.

Defeated future World Champion Mikhail Botvinnik, which he later described as "the greatest sense of achievement in life":

D. Abraham Yanofsky - Mikhail Botvinnik
Groningen, Netherlands, Round 15, 1946

Drew future World Champion Robert Fischer:

Robert Fischer - D. Abraham Yanofsky
Nethanya, Israel, Round 12, 1968

D. Abraham Yanofsky's most famous game, and the most famous game played by a Canadian:

D. Abraham Yanofsky (Canada) - A. I. Dulanto (Peru)
Olympiad, Board 1, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Preliminary Round 7, 1939.08.30

Sources: family of Frank Anderson (photo); The Games of D.A. Yanofsky by David J. Ross, 1985; En Passant 59, 1983.03-04; Governor General of Canada.

Research note: The first Grandmaster in the British Commonwealth was Jacques Mieses, who became a British citizen late in life, then received the title in 1950.

Harry Yanofsky

Frank Yerhoff Jr.


Contributor: Knut Neven

John (Jack) Yoos

Jack Yoos

Photo: 2004 Canadian Championship, Toronto. Copyright 2004 by the photographer David Cohen.

Contributor (biography): Jack Yoos.

Yuanling Yuan

Yuanling Yuan

Photo: copyright 2008 by William Yuan.

Contributor (photo): William Yuan.