One way to use SpamFilter.

You start using SpamFilter according to the recommendations, for say 2 weeks. Then you turn on 'Deliver Yellow Mail', insert a filter in your mail client (Outlook Express, Netscape Messenger, Eudora, whatever you use) that says "If the subject begins with '<spamFilter' and the subject contains 'yellow>' then move the mail message to the folder Maybespam" and of course create the mail folder Maybespam.

For me it works very well, I usually get 3 messages in my Inbox and 10 in my Maybespam per day. And I don't need to check YellowMail on the NCF website. I'm keeping a list of senders that I wish to eventually add to the Sorting Rules, but it's so short I may update the Sorting Rules only every 6 months or so.


Before SpamFilter, I had SpamAssassin set to flag scores of 4.0 or more as ***SPAM***, was downloading all mail (2000 messages/month) and had mail client filters to steer messages with spam scores beginning with 4, 5 or 6 into my Maybespam folder and another filter to junk the remaining ***SPAM*** messages. (I rarely had to deal with messages scored at 42.5 for example)

About "...eventually adding to the Sorting Rules":

You could get the host IP from the email headers and create a rule. You would generally use for this the last (chronologically) non-NCF IP, in other words the IP from the second Received: header.

Or, if you do not wish to inspect mail headers, every 6 months or so simply turn off 'Deliver Yellow Mail' for a couple of weeks and proceed to adjust your Sorting Rules in the regular fashion, as per the spamFilter documentation.

Hope this helps,
Yvan Loranger.