SONG News Fall 1990 no. 37

The Annual Business Meeting of SONG took place on July 28,1990 starting at Vineland Station. The elections produced the new officers for the 1990-91 operating year:
President: Ken Weston
Vice President: Heather Apple
Secretary: Robert Hambleton
Treasurer: Marion Grimo
Honorary Director: James Harvey
Editor: Douglas Campbell
Auditor: Joyce Branston
Nominating Committee: Murial Braham, Joyce McEwan, John Gordon

The treasurer/auditor's report was presented. Suggestions were requested for ways and means for publishing the Nut grower handbook and a Nut recipes cookbook. One of the major hurdles is a shortfall of financial reserves to pay for the initial printings. The grower tour featured the farm/nut groves of Horace Troup to whom we give a generous thank you.

The fall meeting of SONG was held at the farm of Elton Papple, Brantford Ontario on October 20,1990. More than 50 people viewed the 50 year old planting of heartnut, black walnut and a miscellany of other trees.

At the business meeting it was approved that the Ottawa Chapter SONG change its name to the Eastern Chapter of SONG (ECSONG)

Also SONG sends a generous thank you to the Papple family for hosting a wonderful fall meeting.

NNGA Annual Meeting The Northern Nut Growers meeting at Lincoln, Nebraska, August 5-8, 1990 was a tremendous success. A feature event was the northern pecan grove which was planted out in 1983 to present. Crops were generous and nut size was good. This notable experiement is proof that pecan growing is going to spread to numerous northern states and the more southern parts of Canada.

Provided by SONG. Feel free to copy with a credit.