Enjoying the Birds of the Ottawa Valley
A Checklist of Locations

Every naturalist soon finds a few favourite spots, spots which pay dividends on repeated visits. The most popular spots for Ottawa birders have been close to where they lived, along the Ottawa River where there is a good variety of habitat: Britannia and Shirley's Bay. Next comes the nearest rural area: south of the Ottawa Airport. But, there are many spots prized by those living elsewhere, all over the Valley.

Here, arranged from west to east on the maps where they are found, are the insiders' spots to see birds. Only the typical or special birds that associate with them are mentioned, of course. Singular form is used when the species is rarely seen.

Commonly used names are given for locations whenever possible. However, to locate them precisely, using the coordinates, you must consult 1:50,000 topographic maps (now available free on-line). Some public libraries have such maps in their reference section.

The identification code (e.g. 31F/7) and official name of each map precedes the locations that can be found on it. Along the sides of each map, there are two rows of numbers, black ones for latitude and longitude, light blue for 'UTMG' coordinates. In this book, to allow the listing of many locations, simplified grid (UTMG) coordinates are used, instead of lengthy driving instructions. The east-west location is given first, then the north-south location.

For example, Parliament Hill is 45-30 on the Ottawa-Hull map. To find it, follow the blue numbers on the bottom until 45 is found, then the blue numbers on the side until 30 is found. The intersection of the lines from these numbers marks the lower-left corner of the square where the Peace Tower is located.

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