Stereoscopic motion picture exhibition at Vancouver



7 January 2009 REVISE


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*   first incidence of a stereoscopic presentation at venue


+   stereoscopic doublebill program





Apr 02   Bwana Devil   PARADISE* - to 11ar53 / PLAZA* - to 08ar53


Apr 17   Bwana Devil   ODEON (New Westminister)* - to 21ar53


Apr 27   House of Wax   STRAND* - to 09my53


May 25   Man in the Dark   STRAND - to 30my53


Jun 15   House of Wax   PARAMOUNT (New Westminister)* - to 20je53


Jun 21   Sangaree   STRAND - to 04jl53


Jul 01   Fort Ti + Spooks (3 Stooges)   PLAZA - to 11jl53


Jul 08   Man in the Dark   PARAMOUNT (New Westminister) - to 11jl53


Jul 27   Arena   STRAND - to 01au53


Jul 29   Fort Ti + Spooks (3 Stooges)

         ODEON (New Westminister) - to 01au53


Aug 05   Sangaree   PARAMOUNT (New Westminister) - to 08au53


Aug 10   It Came From Outer Space + Nat ‘King’ Cole

         PLAZA / PARADISE - to 15au53


Aug 17   The Charge at Feather River   STRAND - to 27au53


Aug 21   The Maze   PLAZA - to 27au53


Aug 31   It Came From Outer Space

         ODEON (New Westminister) - to 03se53


Sep 02   Arena   PARAMOUNT (New Westminister) - to 05se53


Sep 03   Second Chance + Melody (Disney)   STRAND - to 09se53


Sep 30   The Charge at Feather River

         PARAMOUNT (New Westminister) - to 03oc53


Nov 04   Second Chance + Melody (Disney)

         PARAMOUNT (New Westminister) - to 07nv53


Nov 05   Inferno   STRAND - to 11nv53


Nov 19   Devil’s Canyon + Motor Rhythm   STRAND - to 25nv53


Dec 03   The Stranger Wore A Gun   STRAND - to 09de53


Dec 09   Inferno   PARAMOUNT (New Westminister) - to 12de53


Dec 17   The Moonlighter   STRAND - to 23de53




Jan 08   I, The Jury   PLAZA - to 20ja54


Jan 11   The Moonlighter   PARAMOUNT (New Westminister) - to 13ja54


Jan 14   The Nebraskan   STRAND - to 20ja54


Jan 21   Wings of the Hawk   PLAZA - to 27ja54


Jan 28   Kiss Me Kate   STRAND - to 03fe54

         (simultaneous ‘flat’ version engagement

          at CAPITOL - to 10fe54

         ‘First Canadian Double-Showing’)


Jan 30   I, The Jury   ODEON (New Westminister) - to 04fe54


Feb 04   Hondo   STRAND - to 17fe54


Feb 04   Devil’s Canyon   PARAMOUNT (New Westminister) - to 06fe54


Feb 08   The Glass Web   PLAZA - to 13fe54


Feb 15   The Maze   ODEON (New Westminister) - to 16fe54


Mar 10   The Stranger Wore A Gun + Pardon My Backfire (3 Stooges)

         PARAMOUNT (New Westminister) - to 13mr54


Mar 22   Hondo + Say It With Spills

         PARAMOUNT (New Westminister) - to 27mr54


Jul 15   The Nebraskan   PARAMOUNT (New Westminister) - to 17jl54


Aug 14   Phantom of the Rue Morgue   STRAND - to 21au54


Sep 06   Phantom of the Rue Morgue

         PARAMOUNT (New Westminister) - to 09se54






A Day in the Country

  [Toronto: 22ar53 / Ottawa: 25my53 / Montreal: 04je53]


The Great Panty Raid

  [Toronto: 29my53 / Ottawa: 29je53 / Montreal: 02jl53]


Gun Fury



Those Redheads from Seattle

  [Montreal: 06nv53]


Flight to Tangier

  [Montreal: 13nv53 / Toronto: 11de53]


Bandit Island

  [Toronto: 28de53 / Ottawa: 08ja54]


Miss Sadie Thompson

  [Ottawa: 31de53]


Cease Fire!

  [Montreal: 25ja54]


Creature from the Black Lagoon

  [Toronto: 12my54]


Gorilla at Large

  [Montreal: 23jl54]