4th Annual rec.arts.movies.*+ Critics Circle Awards

Results are reproduced here with the direct authority of r.a.m.*+ Critics Circle chairman Mike D'Angelo

The rec.arts.movies.*+ Critics Circle consists of film writers and cineastes, primarily comprised of leading contributors to the rec.arts.movies.* newsgroup hierarchy, as invited by Entertainment Weekly columnist Mike D'Angelo, a longtime contributor to rec.arts.movies.*.

This year's participants:

Chairman:Mike D'Angelo - web
  • James Berardinelli - web
  • Matthew Butcher
  • Dave Cowen
  • James Callan - web
  • Steve Erickson - web
  • Charles Francois - web
  • Bryant Frazer - web
  • Alex Fung - web
  • Erik Gregersen - web
  • Dave Garrett
  • Skander Halim - web
  • Eric C. Johnson - web
  • Andrew Johnston
  • Joshua Kreitzer
  • Milton Lawson
  • Don Marks - web
  • Victor J. Morton
  • Greg Murphy
  • Muse Malade
  • Charles Odell - web
  • Theo Panayides - web
  • Peace Electric
  • Mark Pittillo - web
  • Peter Reiher - web
  • Scott Renshaw - web
  • Regina Alexandra Robbins
  • Larry Rosenhein
  • Ken Rudolph
  • Bryan "Frankenseuss" Theiss - web
  • Scott Tobias
  • Harold Wexler
  • Michael Wolfe - web
  • Andrew Wright - web
  • WryMind
  • A great debt of thanks is owed to chairman Mike D'Angelo for the huge amount of administration and tabulation involved in this endeavour.

    All ballots were submitted prior to the Academy Award nominee announcements on 99/02/09 0538 PST.

    The winners of the 4th annual rec.arts.movies.*+ Critics Circle Awards, as announced February 23rd, 1999:

    Best Picture
    Out Of Sight, directed by Steven Soderbergh (Universal)
    [232 points on 18 votes]
    Rushmore, directed by Wes Anderson (Buena Vista)[167 pts / 12 votes]
    Buffalo '66, directed by Vincent Gallo (Lions Gate)[164 pts / 12 votes]
    Happiness, directed by Todd Solondz (Good Machine)[144 pts / 11 votes]
    Hana-Bi (Fireworks), directed by Takeshi Kitano (Milestone)[143 pts / 12 votes]
    The Truman Show, directed by Peter Weir (Paramount)[134 pts / 15 votes]
    Shakespeare In Love, directed by John Madden (Miramax)[132 pts / 11 votes]
    Saving Private Ryan, directed by Steven Spielberg (DreamWorks)[125 pts / 14 votes]
    Babe: Pig In The City, directed by George Miller (Universal)[118 pts / 10 votes]
    A Simple Plan, directed by Sam Raimi (Paramount)[111 pts / 13 votes]
    Life Is Beautiful, directed by Roberto Benigni (Miramax)[110 pts / 09 votes]
    The Big Lebowski, directed by Joel Coen (Gramercy)[109 pts / 08 votes]
    The Thin Red Line, directed by Terrence Malick (Fox)[97 pts / 09 votes]
    The Celebration, directed by Thomas Vinterberg (October)[94 pts / 09 votes]
    Taste Of Cherry, directed by Abbas Kiarostami (Zeitgeist)[90 pts / 05 votes]
    Funny Games, directed by Michael Haneke[78 pts / 06 votes]
    Affliction, directed by Paul Schrader (Lions Gate)[62 pts / 06 votes]
    Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, directed by Terry Gilliam (Universal)[57 pts / 06 votes]
    Pleasantville, directed by Gary Ross (New Line)[55 pts / 07 votes]
    Un Air De Famille, directed by Cédric Klapisch (Leisure Time / Cinema Village)[52 pts / 06 votes]

    Best Actor
    Jeff Bridges, The Big Lebowski (Gramercy)
    [367 points on 25 votes]
    John Hurt, Love And Death On Long Island (Lions Gate)[248 pts / 21 votes]
    Nick Nolte, Affliction (Lions Gate)[222 pts / 16 votes]
    Jason Schwartzman, Rushmore (Buena Vista)[149 pts / 12 votes]
    Roberto Benigni, Life Is Beautiful (Miramax)[147 pts / 13 votes]
    Johnny Depp, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas (Universal)[144 pts / 11 votes]
    Ian McKellen, Gods And Monsters (Lions Gate)[138 pts / 13 votes]
    Eamonn Owens, The Butcher Boy (Warner Bros.)[137 pts / 15 votes]
    Edward Norton, American History X (New Line)[136 pts / 12 votes]
    Robert Downey Jr., Two Girls And A Guy (Fox Searchlight)[120 pts / 12 votes]
    Brendan Gleeson, The General (Sony Pictures Classics)[107 pts / 12 votes]
    Warren Beatty, Bulworth (Fox)[103 pts / 10 votes]
    Ray Winstone, Nil By Mouth (Sony Pictures Classics)[96 pts / 08 votes]
    Vincent Gallo, Buffalo '66 (Lions Gate)[95 pts / 10 votes]
    George Clooney, Out Of Sight (Universal)[87 pts / 10 votes]
    Thomas Jay Ryan, Henry Fool (Sony Pictures Classics)[78 pts / 08 votes]
    Jim Carrey, The Truman Show (Paramount)[65 pts / 10 votes]
    Bill Paxton, A Simple Plan (Paramount)[62 pts / 07 votes]
    Sean Penn, Hurlyburly (Fine Line)[54 pts / 06 votes]
    Tom Hanks, Saving Private Ryan (DreamWorks)[53 pts / 05 votes]

    Best Actress
    Christina Ricci, Buffalo '66 (Lions Gate)
    [284 points on 25 votes]
    Cate Blanchett, Elizabeth (Gramercy)[253 pts / 21 votes]
    Christina Ricci, The Opposite Of Sex (Sony Pictures Classics)[235 pts / 19 votes]
    Jennifer Lopez, Out Of Sight (Universal)[199 pts / 20 votes]
    Jane Adams, Happiness (Good Machine)[172 pts / 17 votes]
    Chloë Sevigny, The Last Days Of Disco (Gramercy)[152 pts / 13 votes]
    Gwyneth Paltrow, Shakespeare In Love (Miramax)[144 pts / 17 votes]
    Meryl Streep, One True Thing (Universal)[118 pts / 09 votes]
    Kathy Burke, Nil By Mouth (Sony Pictures Classics)
    Ally Sheedy, High Art (October)
    [109 pts / 10 votes]
    Cameron Diaz, There's Something About Mary (Fox)[102 pts / 12 votes]
    Holly Hunter, Living Out Loud (New Line)[91 pts / 08 votes]
    Maggie Cheung, Comrades, Almost A Love Story[89 pts / 07 votes]
    Fernanda Montenegro, Central Station (Sony Pictures Classics)[88 pts / 08 votes]
    Susanne Lothar, Funny Games[87 pts / 08 votes]
    Leelee Sobieski, A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries (October)[87 pts / 07 votes]
    Hope Davis, Next Stop Wonderland (Miramax)[78 pts / 07 votes]
    Emily Watson, Hilary And Jackie (October)[58 pts / 05 votes]
    Sandrine Kiberlain, Seventh Heaven (Zeitgeist)[57 pts / 06 votes]
    Natasha Lyonne, Slums Of Beverly Hills (Fox Searchlight)[53 pts / 06 votes]

    Best Supporting Actor
    Billy Bob Thornton, A Simple Plan (Paramount)
    [493 points on 30 votes]
    Dylan Baker, Happiness (Good Machine)[266 pts / 21 votes]
    Steve Zahn, Out Of Sight (Universal)[192 pts / 18 votes]
    Bill Murray, Rushmore (Buena Vista)[189 pts / 14 votes]
    John Goodman, The Big Lebowski (Gramercy)[155 pts / 14 votes]
    Steve Martin, The Spanish Prisoner (Sony Pictures Classics)[144 pts / 13 votes]
    Jeremy Davies, Saving Private Ryan (DreamWorks)[136 pts / 14 votes]
    Nick Nolte, The Thin Red Line (Fox)[108 pts / 12 votes]
    Elias Koteas, The Thin Red Line (Fox)[104 pts / 10 votes]
    Benicio Del Toro, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas (Universal)[97 pts / 08 votes]
    James Coburn, Affliction (Lions Gate)[88 pts / 07 votes]
    Ed Harris, The Truman Show (Paramount)[82 pts / 08 votes]
    Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Un Air De Famille (Leisure Time / Cinema Village)
    Edward Norton, Rounders (Miramax)
    [66 pts / 07 votes]
    Philip Seymour Hoffman, Happiness (Good Machine)[56 pts / 07 votes]
    Don Cheadle, Out Of Sight (Universal)[54 pts / 06 votes]
    Jason Patric, Your Friends & Neighbours (Gramercy)[50 pts / 05 votes]
    Chris Eigeman, The Last Days Of Disco (Gramercy)[50 pts / 04 votes]
    Robert Duvall, A Civil Action (Touchstone)[45 pts / 04 votes]
    Thomas Bo Larsen, The Celebration (October)[42 pts / 04 votes]

    Best Supporting Actress
    Joan Allen, Pleasantville (New Line)
    [269 points on 20 votes]
    Lisa Kudrow, The Opposite Of Sex (Sony Pictures Classics)[267 pts / 20 votes]
    Kathy Bates, Primary Colors (Universal)[252 pts / 15 votes]
    Kate Beckinsale, The Last Days Of Disco (Gramercy)[162 pts / 13 votes]
    Scarlett Johansson, The Horse Whisperer (Buena Vista)[125 pts / 07 votes]
    Parker Posey, Clockwatchers (Artistic License)[119 pts / 13 votes]
    Kimberly Elise, Beloved (Buena Vista)[118 pts / 10 votes]
    Laura Linney, The Truman Show (Paramount)[114 pts / 15 votes]
    Judi Dench, Shakespeare In Love (Miramax)[111 pts / 10 votes]
    Catherine Keener, Your Friends & Neighbours (Gramercy)[85 pts / 09 votes]
    Patricia Clarkson, High Art (October)[84 pts / 07 votes]
    Reese Witherspoon, Pleasantville (New Line)[82 pts / 06 votes]
    Julianne Moore, The Big Lebowski (Gramercy)[77 pts / 07 votes]
    Lynn Redgrave, Gods And Monsters (Lions Gate)[75 pts / 09 votes]
    Parker Posey, Henry Fool (Sony Pictures Classics)[72 pts / 07 votes]
    Olivia Williams, Rushmore (Touchstone)[70 pts / 07 votes]
    Catherine Frot, Un Air De Famille (Leisure Time / Cinema Village)[70 pts / 05 votes]
    Toni Collette, Velvet Goldmine (Miramax)[60 pts / 07 votes]
    Judy Davis, Celebrity (Miramax)[58 pts / 05 votes]
    Bridget Fonda, A Simple Plan (Paramount)[56 pts / 09 votes]

    Best Director
    Steven Soderbergh, Out Of Sight (Universal)
    [317 points on 25 votes]
    Steven Spielberg, Saving Private Ryan (DreamWorks)[244 pts / 21 votes]
    Vincent Gallo, Buffalo '66 (Lions Gate)[196 pts / 17 votes]
    Terrence Malick, The Thin Red Line (Fox)[181 pts / 15 votes]
    Wes Anderson, Rushmore (Buena Vista)[164 pts / 13 votes]
    Takeshi Kitano, Hana-Bi (Fireworks) (Milestone)[150 pts / 14 votes]
    Peter Weir, The Truman Show (Paramount)[136 pts / 13 votes]
    George Miller, Babe: Pig In The City (Universal)[132 pts / 11 votes]
    Thomas Vinterberg, The Celebration (October)[122 pts / 11 votes]
    Joel Coen, The Big Lebowski (Gramercy)[96 pts / 10 votes]
    Terry Gilliam, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas (Univesal)[95 pts / 10 votes]
    Todd Solondz, Happiness (Good Machine)[95 pts / 09 votes]
    Michael Haneke, Funny Games[94 pts / 08 votes]
    Sam Raimi, A Simple Plan (Paramount)[78 pts / 07 votes]
    Abbas Kiarostami, Taste Of Cherry (Zeitgeist)[75 pts / 06 votes]
    Robert Benigni, Life Is Beautiful (Miramax)[66 pts / 07 votes]
    Alex Proyas, Dark City (New Line)[62 pts / 07 votes]
    Paul Schrader, Affliction (Lions Gate)[55 pts / 05 votes]
    Gary Ross, Pleasantville (New Line)[54 pts / 07 votes]
    Shohei Imamura, The Eel (New Yorker)[49 pts / 03 votes]

    Best Screenplay
    Scott Frank, Out Of Sight (Universal)
    [318 points on 23 votes]
    Marc Norman and Tom Stoppard, Shakespeare In Love (Miramax)[288 pts / 20 votes]
    Wes Anderson & Owen C. Wilson, Rushmore (Buena Vista)[218 pts / 16 votes]
    Todd Solondz, Happiness (Good Machine)[205 pts / 14 votes]
    Scott B. Smith, A Simple Plan (Paramount)[181 pts / 18 votes]
    Andrew Niccol, The Truman Show (Paramount)[172 pts / 17 votes]
    Ethan & Joel Coen, The Big Lebowski (Gramercy)[172 pts / 16 votes]
    Whit Stillman, The Last Days Of Disco (Gramercy)[107 pts / 11 votes]
    Hal Hartley, Henry Fool (Sony Pictures Classics)[105 pts / 09 votes]
    Don Roos, The Opposite Of Sex (Sony Pictures Classics)[102 pts / 12 votes]
    David Mamet, The Spanish Prisoner (Sony Pictures Classics)[95 pts / 11 votes]
    Vincenzo Cerami & Roberto Benigni, Life Is Beautiful (Miramax)[94 pts / 07 votes]
    Jean-Pierre Bacri & Agnès Jaoui, Un Air De Famille (Leisure Time / Cinema Village)[91 pts / 09 votes]
    Paul Schrader, Affliction (Lions Gate)[85 pts / 08 votes]
    Richard Kwietniowski, Love And Death On Long Island (Lions Gate)[72 pts / 10 votes]
    Vincent Gallo & Alison Bagnall, Buffalo '66 (Lions Gate)[65 pts / 08 votes]
    Gary Ross, Pleasantville (New Line)[58 pts / 09 votes]
    George Miller, Judy Morris & Mark Lamprell, Babe: Pig In The City (Universal)[57 pts / 06 votes]
    Thomas Vinterberg & Mogens Rukov, The Celebration (October)[55 pts / 07 votes]
    Terry Gilliam and Tony Grisoni, Tod Davies & Alex Cox, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas (Universal)[45 pts / 05 votes]

    Best Scene
    “Gary” meets “Celeste”, Out Of Sight (Universal)
    [195 points on 16 votes]
    A father's confession, Happiness (Good Machine)[186 pts / 17 votes]
    Running from / swimming to a pit bull, Babe: Pig In The City (Universal)[102 pts / 07 votes]
    Guido translates the rules of the game, Life Is Beautiful (Miramax)[84 pts / 07 votes]
    Billy finally confronts Scott Wood, Buffalo '66 (Lions Gate)
    Struggle with a knife; Upham on the stairs, Saving Private Ryan (DreamWorks)
    [74 pts / 07 votes]
    Protein-rich hair gel, There's Something About Mary (Fox)[66 pts / 05 votes]
    Taping Lou's “confession”, A Simple Plan (Paramount)[65 pts / 06 votes]
    Billy and Layla span time, Buffalo '66 (Lions Gate)[63 pts / 07 votes]
    Zipper trouble, There's Something About Mary (Fox)[59 pts / 06 votes]
    Extracurricular montage, Rushmore (Touchstone)[57 pts / 06 votes]
    Hank and Jacob's final scene, A Simple Plan (Paramount)[57 pts / 05 votes]
    Hotel raid, Babe: Pig In The City (Universal)[56 pts / 05 votes]
    Opening shot, Snake Eyes (Paramount)[53 pts / 05 votes]
    Max Fischer's "Heaven and Hell", Rushmore (Touchstone)[45 pts / 05 votes]
    Conversation in a trunk, Out Of Sight (Universal)[45 pts / 04 votes]
    Coda, Taste Of Cherry (Zeitgeist)[44 pts / 03 votes]
    Bowling alley tap dance, Buffalo '66 (Lions Gate)[43 pts / 04 votes]
    "Gutterballs", The Big Lebowski (Gramercy)[37 pts / 03 votes]
    Bud's "Take Five"-backed paean to literature, Pleasantville (New Line)
    Brain on a subway platform, Pi (Artisan)
    [33 pts / 03 votes]

    Highest Rated Films
    (average rating out of 4 stars)

    01.Rushmore (d: Wes Anderson)3.45
    02.Out Of Sight (d: Steven Soderbergh)3.37
    03.Saving Private Ryan (d: Steven Spielberg)3.27
    04.Hana-Bi (Fireworks) (d: Takeshi Kitano)3.26
    05.The Celebration (d: Thomas Vinterberg)3.24
    06.Shakespeare In Love (d: John Madden)3.21
    07.The Mirror (d: Jafar Pahani)3.20
    08.A Simple Plan (d: Sam Raimi)
    Un Air De Famille (d: Cédric Klapisch)
    10.Unmade Beds (d: Nicholas Barker)3.14

    11.The Kingdom II (d: Lars von Trier)3.14
    12.Babe: Pig In The City (d: George Miller)3.13
    13.Buffalo '66 (d: Vincent Gallo)
    The Truman Show (d: Peter Weir)
    15.Little Dieter Needs To Fly (d: Werner Herzog)
    The Taste Of Cherry (d: Abbas Kiarostami)
    17.Life Is Beautiful (d: Roberto Benigni)3.05
    18.A Bug's Life (d: John Lasseter)3.05
    19.Four Days In September (d: Bruno Barreto)3.03
    20.The Big Lebowski (d: Joel Coen)3.03

    21.The Spanish Prisoner (d: David Mamet)3.02
    22.Comrades, Almost A Love Story (d: Peter Chan)
    The Eel (d: Shohei Imamura)
    Love And Death On Long Island (d: Richard Kwietniowski)
    See The Sea (d: François Ozon)
    Western (d: Manuel Poirier)
    27.Henry Fool (d: Hal Hartley)2.98
    28.Funny Games (d: Michael Haneke)2.96
    29.Men With Guns (d: John Sayles)2.96
    30.The Thin Red Line (d: Terrence Malick)2.95

    31.Affliction (d: Paul Schrader)
    The General (d: John Boorman)
    Marius And Jeannette (d: Robert Guediguian)
    34.There's Something About Mary (d: Peter and Bobby Farrelly)2.94
    35.Bulworth (d: Warren Beatty)2.93
    36.A Merry War (d: Robert Bierman)2.93
    37.The Last Days Of Disco (d: Whit Stillman)2.92
    38.Happiness (d: Todd Solondz)
    Storefront Hitchock (d: Jonathan Demme)
    40.Seventh Heaven (d: Benoit Jacquot)2.91

    41.The Hi-Lo Country (d: Stephen Frears)2.90
    42.Character (d: Mike van Diem)2.88
    43.Ronin (d: John Frankenheimer)2.88
    44.Hard Core Logo (d: Bruce McDonald)2.88
    45.Live Flesh (d: Pedro Almodovar)2.88
    46.Without Limits (d: Robert Towne)2.88
    47.The Butcher Boy (d: Neil Jordan)2.86
    48.The Mask Of Zorro (d: Martin Campbell)2.86
    49.Nil By Mouth (d: Gary Oldman)2.85
    50.Beyond Silence (d: Caroline Link)
    Gadjo Dilo (d: Tony Gatlif)

    Alex Fung, (aw220@freenet.carleton.ca)

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