Oscar Columns for the 70th Annual Academy Awards

These columns were written between December 1997 and April 1998 as the race for the Academy Awards developed. Some of the comments proved to be prescient, others wildly inaccurate.

97/12/07 Column #1 - pre-awards musings
97/12/10Column #2 - reflections on the National Board of Review awards
97/12/13Column #3 - reflections on the New York Film Critics Circle Awards
97/12/17Column #4 - reflections on the Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards and the Boston Society of Film Critics Awards
97/12/17Column #5 - reflections on the Golden Satellite nominees, predictions for the Golden Globe nominees
98/01/15Column #6 - reflections on the National Society of Film Critics Awards, commentary and predictions for the Golden Globes
98/01/18 Column #7 - Golden Globe Award reactions
98/02/05Column #8 - Oscar nominee predictions and reactions
98/03/16Column #9 - Oscar winner predictions
98/04/04Column #10 - Oscar reactions, wrap-up

Alex Fung (aw220@freenet.carleton.ca)

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