Bright Math Camp 2017,
currently held at the University of Ottawa,
is a not-for-profit camp, external event, operated
by Bright Math Camp Inc. for the promotion of mathematics.

Now in Ottawa for over 20 summers, the Bright Math Camp represents a unique out-of-school learning opportunity for children with a drive to explore, question, reason, and discuss a range of sound mathematical topics.  These topics, well suited to childrenís level and interests, derive from areas apart from the mainstream of school mathematics, and are introduced and developed from first principles.  Our most successful topics have related numbers and numeration, arithmetic operations, number theory, combinatorics, informal geometry, probability and statistics, non-routine problem solving, and recreational cryptography.

We thank the following collaborator:

Chessín Math Association , for supplying chess material.



* Mandelbrot fractal by Wolfgang Beyer,
   Reproduced with permission of same under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 License.

As an external event from outside of the University of Ottawa, the Bright Math Camp is considered as a category of clients who are not officially affiliated with the University of Ottawa but can rent from the University Conferences Office some facilities to run its event. It is not organized by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.