the Camp


The Bright Math Camp started in 1992 out of a desire to promote mathematics in children. In an effort to engage both mind and body, provide time to socialize, and encourage students to enjoy sunny weather, the camp has often added a few activities on the side. Past camps have witnessed fencing, billiards, juggling, chess and go (or wei chi, as the 2500-year old Chinese board game is also known). On occasion, students could be spotted visiting the Currency Museum of the Bank of Canada, broadcasting their thoughts from the university radio station, or refining their mental imagery outside on campus lawns. Over the years, numerous sponsors have contributed their facilities or materials. We remain particularly grateful to The University of Ottawa's Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Carleton University's School of Mathematics and Statistics, The Soloway Jewish Community Centre, The RA Centre, The Chess Federation of Canada, Chess’n Math Association, Corel, and Unisys.


the team


Hélène Desrosiers-Grégoire, MA Psychology, is the Coordinator of the camps. She can be reached at 613-286-4347 or 613-315-1946 (mobile), or hdgregoire@rogers.com


Colin Hayman, M. Math in Pure Mathematics, currently teaches the math part of the camps. He is a graduate of many of Dr. Allen's math camps, with over ten years of experience teaching math, science, origami, and chess. In past years he has run a highly successful math and origami course for the Association for Bright Children. He also tutors extensively and has assisted with past Bright Math Camps and Mini-Courses at Carleton University.


Dr. Don Allen, Santa Clara University masters under the National Science Foundation and master and doctorate (Mathematics Education) from Rutgers University, previously taught and tailored the math part of camps. He devoted more than 20 years of combined summers teaching able, motivated children in the McGill University's "Explorations" and in Bright Math Camp programs. Recent work has involved him with children in remote communities of Canada's Eastern Arctic. His 44 years' teaching in Quebec, Nova Scotia, and the Territories are evenly divided between teacher education and classroom practice. From 1980 to 1990 he was editor of the US-based Mathematical Log.


Jennifer Hayman, M.A., offers the study skills part of the camps. She is a private tutor and teacher with more than 20 years of experience, specializing in study skills for all ages, essay-writing, Latin, and working with the gifted and the gifted-learning-disabled.


Marc Lecours, teacher for the strategy game go (or wei chi).



Bright Math Camp.