Neil MACVICAR was born c1779 on North Uist and

died c1861 in Catalone

Anna? MACPHERSON was born c1779 on North Uist

and died c1821 on North Uist

They were married c1809 on North Uist

Please note that until recently we believed that Neil was married
twice - first to a Sarah MacSween and then to Margaret Cameron.
We now are fairly certain he was married three times - first to a
MacPherson (possibly named Anna), then to a Sarah Nicholson
and finally to Margaret Cameron

Neil was also known as Niall Ruadh Mór.
Bard, piper and fiddler.

Lived on Isle of Vallay (just north of N. Uist).
Came to Cape Breton in October 1829.
Bef. May 1830, at Mrs Ahearn's boarding house, 90 Esplanade, Sydney.
Moved to Clarke's Road, Catalone in May 1830.

Composed Oran nan Cat, Oran nam Bodach, Oran do'n Rat, and
Mo mhallachd-sa gu siorruidh air cailleach 'Heran.

Abt. 1860, survived son Donald - composed elegy on his death

Note on Big Red Neil

Children of Neil MacVicar and Anna? MacPherson are:

i. Mary? MACVICAR (b. Abt. 1810); m. Red Norman MACDONALD, son of Donald Og MACDONALD.

ii. Anne MACVICAR (b. Abt. 1810); m. Lauchlin Mór MACDONALD.

iii. Angus MACVICAR (b. 1815, North Uist; d. Feb. 06, 1897, Catalone); m. Jan. 20, 1843 (Sydney) Christie MACDONALD (b. Abt. 1818; d. Dec. 2, 1901, Catalone), daughter of Angus? MACDONALD and Mary MACPHERSON.

iv. Isabella MACVICAR (b. 1818, North Uist; d. Louisbourg); m. Feb. 21, 1841 (Sydney) Capt. Isaac TOWNSEND (b. Dec. 29, 1812; d. 1886), son of James TOWNSEND and Mary Jane DICKSON.

v. Donald MACVICAR (b. 1820, North Uist; d. 1859, Scaterie, NS).

see Donald MacVicar and Margaret MacDonald

Sarah NICHOLSON was born in Carinish?, North Uist and was the daughter of Neil NICHOLSON. She died in Catalone in c1839.

She married Neil MACVICAR on November 04, 1823 in North Uist.

Children of Neil MacVicar and Sarah Nicholson are:

vi. Katherine MACVICAR (b. May 14, 1826, North Uist; d. c1826, North Uist)

vii. Katherine MACVICAR (b. August 29, 1828, North Uist; d. November 23, 1925, Louisbourg); m. Alexander MACDONALD (b. 1825, North Uist; d. before 1901, Catalone), son of Angus? MACDONALD and Mary MACPHERSON.

viii. Roderick MACVICAR (b. Sept. 1831, Sydney; d. July 28, 1916, Glace Bay); m. Margaret MACDONALD (b. abt. 1845; d. after 1881), daughter of Allan MACDONALD.

ix. Son MACVICAR (b. c1835; d. after 1861)

x. Margaret MACVICAR (b. 1839; d. 1890); m. c1867, Angus MACKEIGAN, son of Murdock MACKEIGAN and Mary MACDONALD

Margaret CAMERON was born in 1779 on North Uist and died on March 31, 1869 in Catalone.

She married Neil MACVICAR after 1839 in Catalone.

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