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I think of an Explorer as someone who tends to be spontaneous, energetic, restless and intensely interested in things. Not too different actually from Attention Deficit Disorder, which is a negative label for pretty much those same traits. [ADD Lib is a support group in Ottawa for adults with ADD.]

Creative work requires a special type of thinking. Organized work requires organized thinking, but for creative work you have to forget things, let things go, step over boundaries and mix ideas together in new, fantastic ways.

You can't do both at once. You can't be remembering to pay the phone bill at the same time that you're suddenly realizing how you can solve a problem you've been mulling over.

Some people naturally tend to spend most of their time doing creative thinking; others naturally do lots of organized thinking. The world needs both kinds of people. We don't want Air Traffic Controllers who tend to forget everything and stare out the window thinking up the plot for a novel; we do want inspired novelists. (For a story about someone with ADHD who seems to fit into the job of Air Traffic Controller like a hand in a glove, see this site.)

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