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P.E.I. Wooden Trawler Pictures

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This page is part of a history of 24 P.E.I. Wooden Deep Sea Trawlers.

There were four basic designs:

60 Foot Side Trawler (Caraquet)

Souris II

These pictures are not the Souris II, but they show a trawler that I think was built in Caraquet, and that I think was similar to Souris II.

View from above[IMAGE=42c.jpg ]
Side view[IMAGE=42d.jpg ]

50 Foot Stern Trawler (Hull 403)

All three of these were built in 1952. They were identical, but I have pictures of only one.

Tignish No. 1

Side View
[IMAGE=38c.jpg ]
Stern View
[IMAGE=38d.jpg ]
at Work
[IMAGE=39d.jpg ]

60 Foot Side Trawler (Hull 397)

North Bay

Engine IMAGE=21c.jpg
Engine Room IMAGE=22b.jpg
Forecastle IMAGE=21d.jpg
Deck Knees IMAGE=22a.jpg
Under Construction IMAGE=22c.jpg
Ready to Launch IMAGE=x00.jpg 125k
Launching IMAGE=23a.jpg
Launched IMAGE=22d.jpg
Fitted out IMAGE=23c.jpg
Fitted out [IMAGE=27e.jpg ]
Propeller IMAGE=24a.jpg
At work in port IMAGE=23b.jpg

Sailor's Hope

Side View [IMAGE=47d.jpg ]

65 Foot Side Trawler (Hull 454)

Souris III

During Trials [IMAGE=26c.jpg ]
Side View [IMAGE=24c.jpg ]
Inspection [IMAGE=27d.jpg ]


Side View [IMAGE=34d.jpg ]