E-Mail received 22 December 2005

I have been searching for the meaning of my mother's surname and I found she's the only one in my country with that surname and she came from the oldes and the original Moroccans before the Arabs came to it. I googled my mother's surname Kanata and I found your page. It was so impressive to find there is a country called Kanata like my mother's surname. Wow we had our laugh about my mother going there and saying now this is my country and my surname proves it lol. (What I'm thinking right now are we the only Kanata's in the WORLD!) Anyway your page of Kanata is so beautiful and it helps a lot. Please do email me back and tell what you think about what I just told you please do I'll be waiting night and day and I started to count the hours, please please please please !!!!!!

Maria Kanata
Thank you

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