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        Good News Christian Ministries exists to promote a closer relationship for you with Jesus Christ. We believe that together we can encourage one another and bring one another to that higher communion. The Internet allows this to be done without the limitations of geography. Worldwide we are all children of God. Why not take the small step of identifying with this ministry?

        As a minimum level of involvement, if you key in your e-mail address to the form which comes up when you click the link below below, you will receive communications from time to time that we believe will strengthen your Christian life. If you would also like to tell us your name and what Good News in the Morning means to you we would be blessed as we encompass you within the GNITM family. If you send us a financial gift, we would ask that you include your e-mail address. In time the costs of postage will become prohibitative and we expect to have to limit ourselves to e-mail communication with our donors.

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        Although we began in 1999 as a ministry serving residents of the Ottawa valley who could pick up the radio signal, we know that we now have listeners worldwide, with many dedicated listeners in China particularly. Please click this link to see recent bandwidth statistics: specifically September 2014. To make your own calculations about the numbers of downloads of programs that take place every day, you need to know that each half-hour program uses about 7MB of bandwidth.