(This "word" given by Manfred seems to me to be of great importance.  I would sit up and take notice when any native national leader has something to say to our nation, but especially when it comes to Manfred North Peigan, knowing the spiritual authority that he walks in.  The Peigan Nation lives primarily in the Pincher Creek area around Brockett, Alberta in the very southwestern area of the province.  Some anthropologists consider it the most ancient of ancestral Aboriginal homelands in North America. ><>Richard Long)

Prophetic Word Concerning Canada -Manfred North Peigan

(Released at the Regional Service at Church On The Rock ­ Peigan Nation on Sunday, April 21, 2002)

The Canadian prophet will become a voice to be heard. He will come to the forefront of Christian views. The Canadian apostles will take their place in the opening of a nation. They will move unlike other apostles and prophets but will fulfill the same purposes of God. The ‘old’ shall be honoured as the ‘new’ is ushered in with its new strength and vitality, but retaining the foundation of wisdom set by the ‘old’. There will be a breaking and a building. A change of guard will enter the ‘tower’.

New covenants and treaties will be formed amongst the people of the land. Other pacts will be broken and the curse released from its work.

The veil of deception and spiritual sleep will be lifted as God’s people give heed to the wave of apostolic and prophetic ministry to the church. God’s hand will not be stopped in the land of Canada, as His glory will fill the land. A glory will heal, resuscitate, revitalize, awaken and restore. It’s a wave of truth, purity, righteousness, joy and peace that is pushed on by a sea of grace and holiness.

Those that stand in its wake with unrepentance in heart will lose their footing and their foundation will crumble. The loss will be great and terrible but the separation of the sheep & goats, and wheat & tares must take place. The threshing floor is beginning the work of separation. Be sorrowful but rejoice as we see the Day approaching.

As the ‘wave’ sets in order, every foundation shall be shaken to its root. Ministries that are not set on the solid Rock and are not of God’s building, will face the valley of decision. To remove the existing foundation will be much for some ministries, and they will fail, leaving their destiny to follow darkness of heart. Governments will fail. Political parties will collapse in ruin. Gross corruption and deception will be made public. No secret sin will be left uncovered.

Those standing with a heart full of Him will become fuller and overflow with abundance. Joy will be their strength. Their God will be their champion. His Word will be their life. They shall be swept away with His great love. As there is a worsening in the land, a great joy will overcome them. What a day to rejoice.

God’s truth will be carried from one shore to another, back again, and then back again, and then once more until it overflows to the nations. The Canadian apostle and prophet will equip the church to walk in this last time, with a force of a tidal wave…the burning of fire and quenching of love.

(excerpt from Together e-zine Friday May 24, 2002)