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Have you ever wondered about the vital importance that strong marriage and exceptional parenting skills have in the health of community, and indeed a country? Where can these skills be learned? Right here in Kanata and Stittsville! A comprehensive selection of courses started in the fall of 2012 and will be repeated in the fall of 2013, offered on a first registered first served basis in local homes and churches. If you are bringing up children or grandchildren, or are contemplating marriage, or have been married a while, this is a great opportunity to hone your skills and greatly benefit your family. Although the local committee disbanded after the 2013 season, these same courses continue to be available in the Ottawa region, so we have kept this website available as a source of information.

The 4 primary courses are: the Marriage Prep course, the Marriage Course, Parenting Children, and Parenting Teenagers. Other related courses will also be offered such as the Alpha Course, Beta courses, etc. Costs for attending and materials will be less than $20 for the four primary courses. Although both parents are encouraged to attend all sessions, it is not essential - one parent is welcome, maybe switching on alternate weeks, and will still benefit strongly from the course. The provisional list of courses is here. To register for any of the courses, visit course registration, or call Information: 613-591-3903.

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