Laurie-Ann Copple April 20 at 2:00pm Reply

Hello all our dear prayer friends

We are finally going to Sierra Leone! Thank you for praying!! We may have some very small changes since the tickets aren't quite in our hands yet.

We had a good team prayer meeting and all four of us were unanimous in going, despite it costing us $1800 more each. We are certain that more funds will come in or we will pay it ourselves.

Please pray for Roseanne as she works out the last details for our e-tickets

Please pray for travelling mercies and extra grace for us, since this will be a long journey and we will not have had sleep in a bed for days.

Please pray that our luggage is not delayed or lost.

Please pray for the local team and Joseph in leading the first conference in Freetown (Kissy - east end)

Please pray for our initial meeting with a local person at the airport/hovercraft terminal

Please pray for peace for Karen and Judi, who will be left behind when Richard and Dwight go with Tony and myself. Pray especially for peace for Karen since she and Richard go to Europe a couple of days after we return.

Please pray for health and strength during the journeys/mission for all of us, but especially Laurie-Ann, whose health can be fragile

Thank you so much for your prayers during this ash cloud crisis - they have carried us and enabled us to do what we have. It would have been impossible otherwise. We are also working on our refunds from the cancelled hotels and airfares. We should get back to nearly all of what we paid.

I love you all
Laurie-Ann (itinerary below)

Sierra Leone new GAT Itinerary (subject to small changes)

Our journeys:
April 21
Drive to Syracuse airport probably around 6 am or so (Tony needs to spend longer at the border since he has a British passport and will have his eyes and fingerprints scanned) Extra fee for this

Park car at Americar Valet Service near Syracuse airport, shuttled to airport

US Airways US 3779 depart 1:39 pm
Syracuse – New York La Guardia Arrive 2:43 pm
Taxi to JFK airport in Jamaica, NY (north of Brooklyn on Long Island)

Emirates Airlines EK 0202 depart 11 pm
JFK Terminal 4, arrive Dubai, UAE arrive 7:45 pm April 22. Arrive Dubai Terminal 3
(doze in chairs!)

April 23
Kenya Airways 0315 depart 2:15 am
Dubai Terminal 1– Nairobi Kenyatta, arrive 6:20 am

Kenya Airways 0510 depart 9:35 am
Nairobi – Accra (stay on plane) arrive Accra 12:10 pm
Depart Accra 1:10 pm, arrive Lungi/Freetown 3:30 pm

April 24

Friday, April 24, arrive, check in at RC guest house Leicester Peak. Rest/pray
(Day 3 of the first conference in Kissy - Agape Bible Church, 5 William St, Kissy) Possibly change money.

Saturday, April 24 – normally we would all speak and L-A would lead morning devotions. We would likely be there to say hello.

Sunday, April 25
Speaking in a local church (Anglican or Baptist)
L-A likely as main speaker, others with testimony (depends on how long)
-move from RC guesthouse to Victor Brandon’s house in Congo Cross area of Freetown (closer to end GAT venue) unless we stay at Victor’s house the whole trip.
Saturday, April 24

Afternoon – briefing/worship practice???

-guests on Joseph’s radio show “What is the Bible Saying?” (in Krio)

Monday, April 26
GAT 2 – Life Church Ministries, Goderich (West End)
-Richard, Dwight, Tony are speakers, all in Q&A panels, Tony and L-A worship (all emcees except L-A)

Tuesday, April 27 – (Independence Holiday)
-All four are speakers, Tony and L-A worship (all emcees except L-A)

Wednesday, April 28 – (people tired from late night from holiday)
-All four are speakers, Tony and L-A worship (all emcees except L-A) L-A has three talks today
Includes Holy Spirit time ministry – L-A need to coordinate with local ministry team (all hands on deck!)

Thursday, April 29
L-A is prayer leader – morning devotions for all. All four are speakers / Q & A panel, Tony and L-A worship (all emcees except L-A)

Friday, April 30
Prison visits – re meet Alpha inmates or other inmates too – possibly two prisons. May visit Makeni, not sure. Gift of chairs to chaplaincy for Alpha programmes

Saturday, May 1
Day with Emma Dugpingy??

Possibly Tony speak with local Global Day of Prayer people??? (not sure where this fits in itinerary)

Sunday, May 2
Speaking in a local church (Anglican or Baptist)
L-A likely as main speaker, others with testimony (depends on how long)
-guests on Joseph’s radio show “What is the Bible Saying?” (in Krio)

May 3, 2010
Free (ministry most likely)
Finish packing, move from Victor’s house early the next morning.

May 4
Freetown Hovercraft to Lungi airport (morning??)

Kenya Airways 0511 depart Freetown/Lungi, Sierra Leone 5:30 pm
Freetown/Lungi – Accra-Nairobi (stay on plane) arrive Accra 7::50 pm
Depart Accra 8:50 pm, arrive Nairobi 5:30 am May 5

May 5
Kenya Airways 0316 depart Nairobi, Kenya 9:35 am
Nairobi – Muscan, Oman-Dubai (stay on plane) arrive Muscat 6:30 pm
Depart Muscat 7:30 pm, arrive Dubai Terminal 1 8:30 pm

May 6
Emirates Airlines 0203 Terminal 3 depart Dubai 2:00 am
Dubai – New York JFK arrive New York 7:45 am

Take taxi to New York LaGuardia airport

US Airways 4622 depart 1:29 pm
NY LaGuardia – Syracuse, arrive Syracuse 2:51 pm
Get car from Americar Valet Service (need their number for shuttle)

Drive from Syracuse to Ottawa.

May 7 (Laurie-Ann and Tony’s original travel date from London-Zurich-Montreal/bus Ottawa)
BUT, Richard leaves for Europe with his family on May 9, so please pray for extra grace for Richard and Karen!

Thanks for your prayers.