CH Javahill's River Surfer CKC WCX, SH, CD, US WCX



20 months


Trey comes to me from Javahill Tollers in California.  Co-bred by Linda Fitzmaurice and April Pasko.  Trey finished his Canadian conformation Championship easily, earning most of his points over two weekends as a puppy along with a Group 4.  He finished his CH at 14 months of age winning Best of Winners at the 2010 Ontario Regional Specialty show in Long Sault, Ontario.

Trey is at the top of the standard, standing 20.5" at the withers and weighing 53 lbs.  He is highly driven, extremely birdy and with great water courage.  I am looking forward to his second season in the field in 2011.  He is a joy to live with, having a sweet and goofy personality, he never ceases to make you smile.  His signature jump up, stretch and smile melts my heart.

Clearances (see pedigree link)


29 months


29 months


Trey's signature leap into the water - even on the return from a retrieve.

Photo by Sean Evans