Berdia's Tawney Nova

April 24, 1991 - January 28, 2000



A Beautiful Puppy!

Coat, coat, coat and a little more coat - your first winter

Winner of the Ottawa Retriever Club
High Point Hunter's Stake Annual Trophy

Hey kid, don't eat the yellow snow!

There was nothing like a good roll in a plowed field!

Copyright S. Darch
Twice you snuck up the stairs, in the dead of night, to take all Mindy's toys and put them where she could see them but not get to them - inspiring this portrait by artist S. Darch.

Just a little bit of a goof at times - age 8

Inquisitive by nature - Yo, Bay-Leigh, whatcha got?

The most beautiful face ever!

You left too soon, we will love you always!