Torlan Just A Gambler At Heart WC

Born September 22, 2006

Photo by Carol Cassity

What is a "Merchy?"  Well, in 2006 I decided to add a girl Toller to the menagerie.  My very first girl Toller.  What to name her?  My maternal heritage is Welsh, infact, my Mom was the only one of her siblings born in Canada - and the only one born in a hospital.  She was named Grace for the hospital she was born in - she always hated that name LOL  So in my search for a name I went online to the English/Welsh translation sites.  A quick search discovered that "girl" in Welsh, is "Merch".  I Anglicized and somewhat bastardized the name and this new little ball of red became "Merchy".

Merchy came from Torlan Tollers "J" litter.  Out of Ch. Torlan's Chinook of the North and sired by my OTCH, CH Berdia's Mississippi Gambler WCX, SH.  The litter was a colourful one to say the least.  4 of Merchy's littermates were deeply sabled, one boy and Merchy were born clear red.

Puppies with Aunt Kanji

The Merch caught my eye early.  That impish little face peering out from the photos.  Who could resist?


When I planned my trip to California I included a stop in Calgary on the way home "just to look."  I'd spent half of 2006 caring for my Mom during her battle with brain cancer.  Mom passed away at home in July that year.  It was time to bring some sunlight back into my life.   With winter approaching I could think of no better way to do that than with a little ball of red fur.  And so after playing with the litter for a couple of days, and deciding that based on personality alone I'd be thrilled to come home with any of them, I packed up this little red gal and brought her home.


Merchy moved in and took over.


And that face!!

When she was 4 months old I added a kitten to the household.  Merchy and Kermit quickly became best friends.  So much so that I think every puppy needs a kitten in their lives :)


Merchy showed early that she liked to "Sit Pretty."  This was encouraged and she's happy to throw that behaviour at you whenever she can - including in the conformation ring during the 2007 U.S. Toller Specialty.


Merchy at 2007 U.S. Toller Specialty

And now, Merchy is growing up.  She still adds sunshine to my life.  A sweet girl with a definite evil streak, rarely does a day go by that she doesn't make me smile.

And she's still got that adorable face that never stops smiling!

Merchy's Parents

OTCH, CH Berdia's Mississippi Gambler WCX, SH                CH Torlan's Chinook Of the North