How Believe Puppies Are Raised











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Puppies are raised in the house.  At first in the puppy room where it's quiet for Mom.  As they grow and develop their world grows with them and they are introduced to the rest of the house. The box is lined with carpeting for the first three weeks, giving them good footing until they get up on their legs.  At three weeks potty training begins and the carpeting is removed so they don't think it's an appropriate place to pee.

Click photo to see a video of the puppies just after their mom left the box.

Beds are added starting around 2 weeks of age.  They soon discover how comfy the beds are.
At three weeks the carpet is removed, the box opened up and the potty box added.
It's amazing how quick they catch on to where to "go".  This gives them an excellent headstart for house training.

Toys are added starting around 2 weeks of age. More toys are added and rotated as the puppies and the pen grow.


Click on the photo to watch the introduction of a new toy.

When the pen is large enough, a swing is added. They use it as a bed and a toy.  It gets them use to the ground moving under them.  Excellent experience for future agility dogs and just plain old fun for the babies.


Click the photo for a video of the puppies swinging.

Puppies are given the opportunity to interact and play with a wide variety of toys. New toys are added almost daily.

Click on the photo to see a video of their first time with an "adventure box"

They start going outside around 4 weeks of age. Then the fun really begins.
They are weaned onto raw food starting between 4 and 5 weeks of age.
Mom is never denied access to her puppies. She determines if they are allowed to nurse, or not. By 6 weeks of age I am feeding them three raw meals a day. Mom usuallly allows them to nurse until they go to their new homes.
They get lots of visitors.
Visitors of all shapes and sizes.
Around 5 weeks of age they start going on roadtrips. We start with short car rides and increase the distance over time.
We go on walks through flooded areas, woods and fields. The puppies explore and play.
And sometimes they find turkey feathers to play with!
They often meet new friends on their road trips.
They get lots of bellyrubs!
They are introduced to different footing - like tippy boards. Some of them mock the tippy board and lay on it - I kept this puppy!

Don't forget retrieving! They play lots of retrieving games.


Click the photo for a short video of a one on one retrieving session.

They love feathers!
They get lots of playtime with the big dogs.

They are cool kids so of course they have a skateboard!


Click the photo to see a short video of the puppies play with their toys.

The ball/bottle pool is always a big hit.


Click the photo to see a video of the puppies playing in the pool - it can get really loud!

Water is always a hit.

Click on the photo for a video of some water tap fun.

They are introduced to lots of objects that move and/or make noise.


Click the photo for some whirlygig play.