Stator Repair

Recently bought a 2000 SV650S and the previous owner had replaced the stator, reg/rect amd battery. The charging system output was still rather marginal, round 13V when revved above idle.

So I dug out the ohmeter and measured stator windings, between 2 of the wires it read about 0.5 ohms, the third wire appeared to be open. My past (Yamaha) experience with these stators is they overheat and the insulation breaks down, shorting a winding to ground. But in this case, there might be a simple open connection somwhere.

So I dug out the toolbox and popped out the stator. Hoping for a break in the leads to the connector, I measured from the connector down to the stator solid wire, all the leads were fine.

In a 3 phase star alternator, there's one point where the ends of each winding are all connected together. It turns out that when the stator guy twisted the wires together to connect, he twisted so hard he broke one of the wires. So I untwisted them and soldered the three together, some fiberglass tubing and epoxy to hold things in place, and all back together. Around 5 o'clock in the pic.

This means the stator guy didn't test it after completion. And the previous owner didn't test it before sticking it in. So I had to get my hands dirty.

Now the system is working like it should, 13.7 volts.