Fork Protectors

The SV650S fork tubes are vulnerable to damage from rocks and dirt leading to seals leaking. My first choice for protection would be to install gaiters. However, there's only 123mm space from the dust seal to the lower triple clamp, and the claimed travel is 120mm. I didn't see how any gaiter could compress to that degree.

Second choice is fork protectors. And I (frugally) still had a couple of fork protectors fermenting the basement, Concours parts left over from the gaiter install. The SV650S fork sliders measure 59mm OD, and the Concours protectors are 62mm ID. Furthermore, they have little nubs inside related to fitting the Concours sliders.

So a bit of sandpaper removed the nubs, and cutting a slot allowed reducing the diameter. I hacksawed about 14mm out of the back, compressed into a smaller circle (about 59mm), and used a shot of heat gun to get them to stay in this new shape.

To fasten the protectors, I used some 3M Molding Tape (used to stick decorative strips on cars) left over from the Concours Fenda Extenda install. Applied a couple of strips to the inside each fork protector and stuck it onto the fork slider. It gradually becomes almost permanent.

So far they're on solid. Net cost, free!