Bar End Mirrors


The Gen 1 SV650S has solid clip-on bars and the bar end  weights are held on by 6mm bolts into threaded holes.

Project Description:

Most of the bar-end mirrors on eBay are for hollow bars and there doesn't seem to be one specifically for the SV650s. One of these had potential with a solid body resembling a bar end weight with the mirror poking out the side or out the end. I confirmed with the seller that the mirror bolt was 6mm. There seem to be a couple of variants of this mirror, with slightly different sizes and bits to fit inside the handlebar; not sure if the bolt in the other type is also 6mm.


The plan was to turf the junk used for hollow bars, and the stock bar end weights, and then bolt the mirror (suitably modified) directly to the end of the clip-on. It hurts to take a hacksaw to a shiny new part.

Replaced the supplied 55mm bolts with M6 x 25 socket head bolts. Now these little beauties bolt directly to the handlebars. The mirror body is aluminum and lighter than the stock bar end weight.

My favourite mirror position is side mount below the bar, and they just clear the tank at full bar lock. They give a great field of view with one exception - they're directly in line with your wrists. Second choice, I'll side mount above the bar. 


Field of view is great , gently convex, now the stock mirrors are used to look wide, and the bar-ends to view directly behind. They're slightly wider than the stock bars  but narrower than the stock mirrors.

One minor gripe, adjusting requires an allen key (or three), but once adjusted they stay put.

Come Spring, took a ride to tell if handlebar vibration changes or the mirrors vibrate - no noticeable increase in handlebar vibration with the mirrors replacing the end weights. Likewise, the new mirrors remain calm and clear at all speeds.