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I am an IT consultant looking for a decent part-time Perl/*nix contract, for a 
non-government and non-entertainment company which are located in Canada
and/or willing to make arrangements for telecommute.

A not for profit or local company outside of the IT consulting space which requires
perl/*nix services and/or support, is an excellent example of clients I would like
to take on.

* I have existing experience writing small to mid-size scripts in enterprise 
applications including reporting, email and system administration and have 
done basic web forums/wiki, certificates, etc.

* I would hope to present myself as a candidate and can provide CV/resume
listing experience.

* There is a potential for the employer to save, as I can help them with 
simple Perl tasks in my off-time, that really don't require a higher-priced 
contractor, but do require Perl/Linux/*nix knowledge.

I prefer something that I can do in the evenings/week-ends; outside of
my day job, to make additional income.  I hold a security clearance and
have a proven track record of successful implementations on numerous
contracts from 1998-2011. (13 years of good high-tech luck.)

I am flexible on wages and will entertain competitive figures.  Any part-time
opportunities accepted.  (Please note that if there is a decent full-time
opportunity, I would also be interested to hear about it.)

Allan Fields <>
Ottawa, ON