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This page covers various aspects of music excepting live music and events which are covered in my Events page!



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Musicians / bands

Some More Favorite Artists & Albums

  • Willie Nelson - Stardust
  • Dr. John
  • Madeleine Peyroux
  • Natalie Merchant
  • Fine Young Canibals
  • Kurt Weill

Lyrics, music files, history etc

See the 'sound files' section below also for MIDI files etc.


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Recorded music

  • See MEDIA/Streaming section for internet radio and TV


    Been playing harmonica for several years now.


    I have a Honer Ariette Cajun style diatonic accordion

    Guitar & Guitar tabs

    I've got an Ovation acoustic, Epiphone Biscuit, a Typoon (D'Addario) electric telecaster clone, Shima JN-70 (Japan - would like to know more about this company!), Vibra 18/1 Product of B&J(Korea).
  • See also Guitar Lessons



    I mainly use my tenor uke but have a soprano also.


    I've got one of these, made by some obscure company 'Canora', but as yet i haven't had a chance to learn much on it...

    Tin Whistle

    Good portable fun when camping...


    Jam sessions in Ottawa area

    Computer Music Stuff

    Includes soundcards, midi, etc. I've been fooling around with a keyboard connected to my computer lately.
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