Susan McMaster Poems

First Draft, Geode Music & Poetry, Plus

All poems by Susan McMaster. All material is copyright © The creators, Canada, 1970-present; contact Permissions.

Excerpts from the recording Until the Light Bends, Susan McMaster (Pendas, 2004), from the radio show Gathering Voices, hosted by Penn Kemp (2010).

For First Draft Wordmusic written by Colin Morton, solo and in collaboration with Andrew McClure, go to Poetry and fiction by Colin Morton.

For a video by Alrick Huebener of three poems by McMaster recorded at Lac Vert, go to YouTube.

Listen to mp3s linked from Geode Music & Poetry, McMaster, Jennifer Giles, Alrick Huebener, with friends David Broscoe, Petr Cancura, Mike Essoudry, Jamie Gullikson, John Higney, and Mark Molnar.

Entries are keyed by source and recording (see below). Unless otherwise noted, poems are by Susan McMaster, wordmusic is composed by Andrew McClure, and works are performed by Susan McMaster, Colin Morton, and Andrew McClure.

From Pass This Way Again (Underwhich Editions)

Pass This Way Again: Introduction p. 1 Pass This Way Again: Introduction p. 2 Pass This Way Again: Notes on Performance (intro. p. 3) Pass This Way Again: Authors

Pass this way again (trio) WM and Pass.
Pass This Way Again text Pass This Way Again score p. 1 Pass This Way Again score p. 2

Evening (trio) WM and Pass.
Evening text Evening score

Double Vision (trio) WM and Pass.
Double Vision text Double Vision score

Shadowless (trio) WM and Pass.
Shadowless text Shadowless score p. 1 Shadowless score p. 2

Dream Song (trio) WM and Pass.
Dream Song text Dream Song score p. 1 Dream Song score p. 2

Streets (solo) WM and Pass, performed by SM.
Streets text Streets score

Scrapbook (trio, second piece) and Alberta Fall (trio, see below, pp. 43-45) are on the same audiofile, WM and Pass.
Scrapbook text Scrapbook score p. 1 Scrapbook score p. 2

Alberta Fall (trio, first piece) and Scrapbook (see above, pp. 35-37) are on the same audiofile, WM and Pass.
Alberta Fall text Alberta Fall score p. 1 Alberta Fall score p. 2

Circle (solo) WM, Pass and DGFire, performed by AM.
Circle text Circle score

Five Flashbacks and the Next Frame (trio) WM and Pass.
Five Flashbacks and the Next Frame text Five Flashbacks score p. 1 Five Flashbacks score p. 2

Wordmusic from North/South (Underwhich Editions)

ABCD (quartet), WM and N/S, wordmusic by SM.

Death of a Youngish Man, for Len (duet) WM and N/S, performed by SM, CM.

Perceiving a Stable Environment (song) WM ('Science songs number one'), DG and Deriva, music by AM, performed by Paula Quick, Yasmine Malinowski.

Reason Breaking Free (song) WM, DG and Deriva (both 'Quantum World'), music by AM, performed by PQ, YM.

Restlessness/L'ennuie (trio) WM and N/S.

Spring Over Grown (song and wordmusic), WM and Scream, music and wordmusic by AM, performers PQ, AM, Lynne Simpson, YM.

This is then grief (trio) WM, N/S and DGFire (both 'Grief'), wordmusic by SM.

GAR The Gargoyle's Left Ear (book)
ULB Until the Light Bends (bk)
UP Uncommon Prayer (bk)
LTR Learning to Ride (bk)
HB The Hummingbird Murders (bk)
DG Dark Galaxies (bk)
Deriva La Deriva del Pianeta (trans)
ULBGeode Until the Light Bends (CD)
Geode Geode Music & Poetry (CD)
SB SugarBeat Music & Poetry (CD)
N/S North/South (wordmusic scores)
Pass Pass this way again (wordmusic scores)
Scream The Scream: First Draft (bk)
WM Wordmusic (audiotape, CD on request)
WP Waging Peace (bk)
CV Convergence: Poems for Peace (CD)
Siolence Siolence: Poets on women (bk)
DGFire Dangerous Graces (script)

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