Quadracycling in Ottawa

PAV-3 vs Rhoades Car 4W1P

Gordon Koppang from Lethbridge recently got a chance to evaluate the PAV-3 trike and wrote a complete review comparing it to his Rhoades Car 4W1P single seater.

The complete story is in our on-line journal.

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The PAV-3The PAV-3 trike showing the layout and features.

On the road - RAV-3 and Rhoades CarKen and Gordon swap rides. Always in touch with his inner dork, Gordon manages to be photographed – yet again - with his pants tucked into his socks.

PAV-3 vs Rhoades Car 4W1PA blustery fall day in Indian Battle Park. Ken on the PAV-3, Gordon on the Rhoades Car 4W1P.

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