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Flight 8 Meeting

What: CanFly! Carleton University's ACE Lab Video Series

Presented by: Kathleen Van Benthem

Where: Rockcliffe Flying Club, Ground School Classroom

When: Tuesday , 1930 hours

Who: Everyone is welcome

Details: CanFly! A distinctly Canadian approach to promoting safe aviation in the third age.

The ACE lab at Carleton University has been studying general aviation performance for almost 10 years. One important goal of this research is to develop an evidence-based screening tool that can be used to assist in identifying pilots who might be at risk due to cognitive health issues.

Findings from this study show that four unique aspects of pilot cognition were strong predictors of flight performance. Carleton researcher, Kathleen Van Benthem, will introduce four short promotional videos highlighting key findings. This presentation is designed to stimulate discussion and gather feedback from local COPA pilots. Come and weigh in!

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