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Flight 8 Meeting

What: 100LL Fuel Replacement Research

Presented by: Malcolm D. Imray, P. Eng, Airworthiness Engineer, National Research Council

Where: National Research Council Flight Research Laboratory, Building U-61, 1920 Research Road, Ottawa International Airport

When: Tuesday , 1930 hours

Who: Everyone is welcome, but note that due to security requirements names, nationalities and country of residence must be submitted to Mike Shaw in advance.

Details: What is the future of avgas? For many years we have known that burning leaded aviation fuel needs to come to an end. On of the key organizations involved in research and testing alterntives has been Canada's own National Research Council. Malcolm D. Imray, P. Eng, an Airworthiness Engineer at the NRC's Flight Research Laboratory will give flight members a tour and update us on this important issue.

NOTE: This meeting is on a Tuesday and not Flight 8's normal Wednesday date.

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